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Gdansk's Mayor Pawel Adamowicz spoke at the annual Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. He was stabbed on stage and later died in hospital.

A Polish city mayor was stabbed to death in front of thousands of people at a charity event

Paweł Adamowicz, mayor of Gdańsk, was stabbed on stage at a charity event on Sunday. Poland's health minister announced his death on Monday.

Counter-terror police investigate New Year’s Eve stabbings in Manchester

An eyewitness who works for the BBC was close to the alleged assailant and said he had a large kitchen knife and shouted 'Allah.'

Car on fire, possible stabbing attack on a major street in Melbourne’s city center

Unverified video shows a car on fire pulled over to the side of the street as a man approaches two police officers with what appears to be a knife.
A woman says she was given what she believed was a prop knife at Nashville Nightmare.

A woman says she mistakenly stabbed her friend at a haunted house because she thought her knife was a prop

Tawnya Greenfield says she was unknowingly given a real knife when she attended a Nashville, Tennessee, haunted house with friends. Greenfield says a person who she believed was Nashville Nightmare employee gave her what she thought was a prop a knife and told her to stab one of her friends with it.
Seven people including two British tourists were wounded Sunday in Paris after they were attacked by a man armed with a knife and an iron bar, according to police and other sources.

7 people have been injured in a knife attack in Paris

Paris has been the site of several large-scale terrorist attacks in the past few years, though there have been no major attacks since 2015.

A controversial Brazilian presidential candidate was nearly stabbed to death at a campaign rally

Footage from the event shows the candidate sitting on a supporters' shoulders and waving to the crowd when a man suddenly plunges a knife into his abdomen.
The incident reportedly occurred around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday

A Frontier Airlines worker fatally stabbed a coworker at Philadelphia International Airport

A Frontier Airlines employee stabbed another airline employee at Philadelphia International Airport, the Philadelphia Police Department has confirmed to Business Insider. Some news outlets have reported that the victim has died.
Corey Feldman.

‘Goonies’ actor Corey Feldman says he was stabbed and hospitalized in an ‘attempted homicide’

'Goonies' actor Corey Feldman said on Twitter that he was stabbed and hospitalized on Tuesday night in Los Angeles.
A screenshot of the aftermath of the mall brawl in Jersey City, New Jersey.

2 people were hospitalized after being stabbed in a New Jersey JCPenney — and the store didn’t clean up the blood before letting shoppers ...

Two people were seriously injured in a brawl at a JCPenney in a New Jersey mall this weekend — and shoppers were allowed to return before blood was cleaned up.

US Marine killed in stabbing at Camp Pendleton’s School of Infantry

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is investigating the incident.