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Chris Misterek.

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Set your rate too high and you might scare clients away; set it too low and you might not be able to pay the bills. Here's how to strike a balance.
When she first opened her business, Jen Glantz made mistakes that she estimates cost her over $10,000.

Trying to do it all myself as a business owner cost me an estimated $10,000 — here’s what I did wrong

This business owner thought that cutting costs would be a good financial decision, but she says it actually cost her more money in the long run.

5 successful entrepreneurs share exactly how they were able to come up with a business model that was right for them

There's a lot of wisdom out there on what you should and shouldn't do. But the most important thing is choosing a business model that works for you.
Tan France says that his business succeeded thanks to his frugal habits.

‘Queer Eye’ star Tan France says 2 crucial money decisions helped him launch a clothing brand by age 26

'Queer Eye' star Tan France chose to be his only employee for two years and made frugal choices while starting his company, Kingdom & State.
Banana Guy (Brandon Vassallo), Renee Heath, and Bechara Jaoudeh pitching to the "Shark Tank" casting team.

A small business trying to get on ‘Shark Tank’ took a man dressed as a banana to an NYC open casting call. Here’s how it went.

We followed one small business and their banana mascot at a "Shark Tank" open casting call to see what it was like making a pitch for the show.
Marius Morariu is the cofounder of Tracie Martyn.

I’m a ‘Shark Tank’ superfan who’s always dreamed of being on the show. Here’s what it’s like to join 600 hopefuls ...

At the "Shark Tank" casting call, I felt as if I were rubbing elbows with 600 near-celebrities. I saw pitches as varied as doughnuts and buttons.

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Entrepreneurship can be tough to navigate. We're introducing a new guide to help newbie startup founders craft a compelling investor pitch.

8 signs you’re not ready to start your own business

Some people don't have an entrepreneurial mindset, and there are clear signs that you're not ready to start your own business.
Passion plays a complicated role in starting a business. Noam Wasserman pictured.

At the start of every semester, a business school professor asks his students a question, and most everyone gets the answer dead wrong

To start a business, passion isn't necessarily the key to success, experts say. In fact, too much passion in an entrepreneur can be unappealing to potential investors and can sometimes lead to ill-informed business decisions.