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Here’s where you can legally consume marijuana in the US in 2018

It's legal to use marijuana in nine states, including California, Nevada, and Vermont, in 2018 — and more are expected to join them. Here's the full list of where you can legally light up.
Weather can play a huge factor in deciding what state to retire in.

25 states where retirees hate the weather, lack healthcare, and are spending a fortune to get by

Happiness during retirement depends not just on how much money you have saved, but on where you live. Bankrate recently released a list of the best and worst states to retire in. Here are the places you may want to avoid.
Alaska has the biggest gap between typical baby boomer and millennial income.

Here’s how much more the typical baby boomer makes than the typical millennial in every US state

Business Insider recently took a look at how income varies for different generations between states, and found that baby boomers make more than millennials across the board. Here's by how much.

6 maps showing the unemployment rate, GDP, and wage growth in every state paint a clear picture of the American economy right now

We recently ranked the economies of all 50 states and DC based on six economic measures. Here are maps showing how each state fared on each of those measures.

This map shows every state that has legalized marijuana

Marijuana is legal for adults over the age of 21 in 9 states, and medical marijuana is legal in 30.

Here’s how we ranked the economies of the US states and DC

Our method for ranking the economies of the states and DC: We looked at six measures of economic health, calculated z-scores for each measure, and added together the six indicator z-scores for each state to create an overall economic index.
Tim Draper.

Californians will vote in 2018 on whether or not to split the state into 3 — here’s how an eccentric tech billionaire made it happen

People of California will vote in 2018 on whether or not to split into three separate states. Here's how longtime Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper made it happen.

It would be incredibly difficult for California to split into three states. If it did, here’s how it would work

Tech billionaire Tim Draper wants to split California into three states, and his proposal just qualified for the November ballot. But it's still unclear if cutting up California is legal. We spoke with some legal experts about how "Cal 3" could work.
Tim Draper, a Silicon Valley tycoon.

A legendary Silicon Valley investor wants to split California into 3 states, and his proposal just qualified for the November ballot

A proposal to split California into three states has qualified to appear on the ballot in November's general election. The measure received more than 400,000 valid signatures, thanks to support from the legendary Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper.

The 15 best states for finding a job in 2018

In the US, it's easier to find a good job in certain states. WalletHub recently released a study that took into account factors like unemployment, underemployment, job security, and state nondiscrimination laws and policies.