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Rebuking Trump can be risky — so Republicans take to congressional hearings to berate administration officials on trade

In an era when swearing fealty to President Donald Trump is a nonnegotiable requirement in the GOP, Republican members of Congress are utilizing routine committee hearings to take out their frustrations with the administration's trade policies.
Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump

Trump was said to have been venting about having to spend 2 days in Canada with Trudeau and wants to find new ways to punish the country — now i...

President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are set to meet face-to-face on Friday after their tough war of words over the US president's tariffs. The meeting will come at the G7 summit, which is expected to be a tension-filled affair.
CEA Chair Kevin Hassett

Trump’s own economic team has a study that undercuts his main arguments on tariffs

An internal report from the White House Council of Economic Advisers showed that President Donald Trump's tariffs will be damaging to the US economy according to a new report. Most economists and trade experts also estimate that the tariffs will hurt the economy.
Sens. John Cornyn and Chuck Schumer

A bipartisan group of senators warn Trump not to blow it in trade negotiations with China

A group of 27 senators, both Republican and Democrat, sent a letter to top Trump officials on Tuesday requesting caution during trade negotiations with China. The lawmakers specifically warned against loosening export controls on key US technologies since doing so could help boost China's military.
President Donald Trump

Trump says he’s not ‘not satisfied’ with China trade negotiations after Democrats, Republicans slam new deal

President Donald Trump criticized the new trade agreement between the US and China and said that no deal was reached on lifting sanctions that were imposed on Chinese telecom ZTE.
President Donald Trump with (2nd L-R) Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and White House National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro

Infighting among Trump’s top advisers led to a negotiating disaster on the China trade deal

Fights between major players in President Donald Trump's trade team helped Chinese officials from making major commitments in the Us-China trade deal that was announced on Saturday.
A cell phone manufactured by ZTE, China's number-two smartphone maker, is seen on a store shelf.

The Trump administration is closing in on a deal to ease sanctions on Chinese tech giant ZTE

The Trump administration is nearing a deal to lift sanctions on Chinese telecom giant ZTE in exchange for major shake-ups at the highest levels of the company according to the Wall Street Journal. The deal would come after weeks of negotiations over the US crackdown on ZTE.
Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump.

Chuck Schumer, sounding like one of Trump’s most hardline trade advisers, urges Trump to dig in with China

Democratic leader Chuck Schumer urged President Donald Trump to stand strong in trade negotiations with China and shoot for larger structural changes rather than short-term trade-offs.

Senate Republicans are warning Trump about the risks of his plan to get Chinese smartphone giant ZTE back in business

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are skeptical that President Donald Trump is up to the task of properly assessing and combatting the security risks posed by Chinese smartphone maker ZTE, suggesting the White House is taking a predominantly economic approach to resolve disputes with one of the world's largest smartphone companies.
Peter Navarro.

Trump’s economic team is coming undone at a critical moment

The free trade and protectionist wings of President Donald Tump's economic team appear to be in open battle against each other. The fight comes at a critical juncture for US trade policy.