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US and Chinese delegations, led by President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping, at their bilateral meeting at the G20 leaders summit in Osaka, Japan, on June 29, 2019.

Stocks slide after Trump threatens more tariffs and bank earnings disappoint

The US and China agreed to resume trade talks after President Trump met with President Xi Jinping at the Group of 20 Summit in Japan last month.

US stocks end mixed as earnings season kicks off

Over the next few weeks, hundreds of public companies in the US will report second-quarter financial results.

Investors are more worried than ever that a major recession or market crash is right around the corner

New stock-market records are masking concerns under the surface. But investors surveyed by Allianz are worried about what's going on.
Facebook's stock price was down slightly early Monday.

Mark Zuckerberg actually got $1 billion richer following the news of Facebook’s $5 billion fine for the biggest scandal in the company’s h...

Facebook faces a $5 billion fine from the Federal Trade Commission. The stock's pop after the news increased the value of Mark Zuckerberg's shares.
President Donald Trump stands behind Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell.

Who is Jerome Powell? The man Trump keeps trying to fire holds the fates of US economy and stock market in his grasp

He's the Chair of the Federal Reserve, and his interest-rate decisions are under extreme scrutiny from Donald Trump and stock investors alike.

Mom and pop investors are flashing a new warning sign that the equity bull market is about to come crashing down

Mom and pop are shifting out of equities into bonds because they fear the slowing economy and trade war tension will crumple stocks.

The S&P 500 surges above 3,000, stocks hit record highs after the Fed reaffirms a rate cut is coming

Powell's comments reassured investors whose hopes for an adjustment fell after the jobs report out last week showed that hiring rebounded in June.

Stocks are rallying after the Fed signals it’s willing to cut interest rates

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell told Congress that trade and growth concerns "continue to weigh on the US economic outlook."

These are the 10 stocks most loved by fund managers around the world

Active fund managers around the globe are looking favorably on technology, financial services, and software companies, according to UBS.

Stocks end mixed as trade tensions weigh on Wall Street

Negotiations to defuse the yearlong tariff dispute are set to continue, but the US and China remain far apart on key issues.