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Square sinks after Paypal acquires iZettle to better compete in payments

Square tumbles after Paypal announced it will acquire iZettle, a European competitor of Square. Fintech startup iZettle will further Paypal's plans for an international omni-channel payments solution and increase competition in the point-of-sale market.

Paypal is gaining ground after announcing its $2.2 billion acquisition of a European competitor of Square

Paypal shares rise in pre-market trading after it announced the $2.2 billion acquisition of Square competitor iZettle. The European fintech startup which makes credit card readers for phones and tablets would further Paypal's international omni-channel plans.

JC Penney is tumbling as guidance disappoints and cold weather weighs on sales

J.C. Penney misses on sales estimates, a result of this year's longer winter. Shares tumble more than 14% in pre-market trading as a result. The company met its loss of $0.22 a share estimate, but guidance for next quarter came in conservative.

There are some ‘troubling trends’ in sports drinks — and that’s bad news for Pepsi

PepsiCo will likely see its struggles continue as a Jefferies survey revealed Americans are increasingly ditching sports drinks for water. Its key sports drink Gatorade has been a drag and as new competitors like BodyArmor enter the market, it's unlikely to get better.

Eight weeks after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook’s stock price bounces back to where it was before the controversy

When the news broke on March 16 that the analytics company had been harvesting data from tens of millions of Facebook profiles to influence the election, Facebook's stock price took a nosedive. As of May 10, it's back to where it was.

Weight Watchers scores an earnings ‘home run’ with its Freestyle program

Weight Watchers International, which made a comeback in 2015 with the help of Oprah Winfrey, has picked up celebrity spokesmen Kevin Smith, DJ Khaled and Chef Eric Greenspan for its new Freestyle program. Analysts called it a "home run" after earnings.

Fortnite is ‘the hottest game’ in years — and it’s new business model could turn the video game industry upside down

Fortnite is stealing attention away from games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto Online with its Battle Royale-style play and free business model. The game is free on console, which makes it hard for rivals to compete.

RBC: Here’s why Spotify is dominating the streaming-music industry

An RBC Capital Analyst believes Spotify is the "global music streaming leader" and its direct public listing will take off.

Hot tech stocks have ‘lost their shine’ among millennials after mixed earnings

Though millennials continue to flock into tech stocks, some of their enthusiasm has waned, Stockpile data has found.

Google could be the first $1 trillion company if it told us more about what it does

It would have to start being more transparent about its other bets to make that happen, though.