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Saks Fifth Avenue confirmed it had been the victim of a data breach last April.

If you bought anything from these 19 companies recently, your data may have been stolen

Data breaches continue to be a threat. Since the start of 2018, at least 19 consumer companies reported that customer information was made vulnerable.
Aaron Anthony Damron and Tony DiPasqua love Target.

This couple took engagement pictures at Target and their romantic photos are going viral

Aaron Anthony Damron and Tony DiPasqua love Target — and each other. They decided to celebrate both with engagement photos at their favorite store.
You can't shop at the Room Store anymore.

6 furniture-store chains that aren’t around anymore

From the Room Store to Levitz Furniture, you won't be able to pick up a new couch or a dining table at these defunct furniture businesses.
Driverless cars could be making grocery deliveries.

Here are 9 kinds of tech you can expect to see in every store by 2030, according to analysts

As retailers find they have an ever-expanding arsenal of technology options at their fingertips, it can be hard to envision the store of the future.
Appear Here CEO Ross Bailey wants to flip retail on its head.

The CEO of the ‘Airbnb of retail’ explains why stores should be run by ‘showmen’ instead of ‘accountants’ in order...

Appear Here CEO Ross Bailey explained what he believes are the key ingredients to creating a successful shopping experience.
Abercrombie & Fitch is closing flagship stores.

Abercrombie & Fitch is the latest retailer to cut back on flagship stores

Abercrombie reported first-quarter earnings for 2019 on Wednesday. It announced it is closing flagship stores in New York, Milan, and Japan.
You can make purchases at Amazon's stores — just don't think about returning an order from Amazon.com.

Amazon is slowly growing its fleet of stores — but you can’t return all online purchases there

Amazon operates more than 20 stores under the Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star name. But you can't return all of the items you buy from Amazon there.
One of Walmart's first store openings featured an event with exploding watermelons and donkey droppings.

Here’s what Walmart looked like when it first opened over 50 years ago

Walmart's first-ever store confused retail rivals and shoppers alike, according to Walmart Heritage Group's senior director Alan Dranow.

Amazon exec reveals one of the biggest things the company has learned about shoppers at its cashierless Go stores

The Amazon Go store in New York City is slightly different from the rest of the fleet. But one of the biggest takeaways is that shoppers love snacks.
Party City is closing 45 stores.

Party City is closing 45 stores amid a global helium shortage — here’s the list

Party City is closing stores in California, Illinois, Connecticut, and Washington.