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AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson on stage at the 2018 Code conference.

By buying media companies, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson thinks cable providers can fend off internet rivals

Netflix, YouTube TV and other streaming-video services have changed the pay-TV sector. But can buying struggling film and TV companies really help AT&T fix its problem?

Netflix now spends more on programming than Viacom — and it has Disney in its sights

Netflix's spending on acquiring and producing content is right up there with some of the biggest entertainment companies — and it could keep moving up the list.
Halsey Minor, CEO of Live Planet

This internet veteran wants to steal Amazon’s video business by putting blockchain on ‘zombie’ computers — and he’s alre...

BI PRIME: Dubbed VideoCoin, the new cryptocurrency will serve as the foundation for a distributed computing project focused on encoding and streaming videos.
The phases of a total lunar eclipse.

Watch live: Astronomers are broadcasting video of the ‘super blue blood moon’ total lunar eclipse

A total lunar eclipse, or blood moon, is happening early Wednesday morning, and anyone can watch the event live via a special webcast on YouTube.

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime offer similar fare — but their viewers have different habits

Viewers largely turn to Hulu for TV shows previously aired elsewhere, while they depend on Amazon largely for movies.

The good times are rolling for Netflix — even with the looming threat from Disney

Netflix's profits are more than double what they were before it pushed its hugely profitable DVD business to the side and focused on streaming.

Netflix may already be in half of all US homes, but it’s still growing like crazy

The company is expected to grow its earnings by $1 billion this year, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Ben Swinburne.
YouTube star Logan Paul

YouTube star Logan Paul’s upcoming movie has been put on hold because of his dead body video

Logan Paul is facing several consequences for a video that many found offensive, including being removed from the Google Preferred ad program.

Netflix still has a ton of room to grow — even with Disney in the ring

Netflix is facing increasing competition in the streaming video space but one analyst thinks the company's growth is nowhere close to being done.
After staring at his helmet, a symbol and reminder of his grandfather Darth Vader, he tosses it.

Disney is turning away from the ‘dark side’ with its 21st Century Fox acquisition

Disney buying parts of 21st Century Fox is evidence of the company doubling down on streaming video.