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Young people are drowning in student loan debt.

American millennials are saddled with more than $1 trillion in debt — and student loans make up the biggest share

It's the highest debt exposure for the 18-to-29 age bracket since late 2007, the start of the global financial crisis.
Nashville musician Rayland Baxter.

For college-educated musicians, student debt is more than a burden — it’s a career life sentence

Musicians who take out student loans for college can struggle to find a financially feasible way to follow their passion.
Good jobs take work to find and create.

Your grandparents’ idea of a ‘good job’ was probably based on a salary and benefits — and 50 years later, things haven’t...

Good jobs in the US today are characterized by things as basic as health insurance and a retirement account — and as complex as personal fulfillment.
Maine wants to help you with your debt.

Maine will help you pay off your student loans — but only if you move there

Got student loans? The state of Maine wants to help you pay them off. But there's a catch — you have to move to Maine.
Americans owe $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, according to data from the Federal Reserve.

A 10-step plan to paying off student loan debt, from someone who repaid over $40,000

In total, Americans owe $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. While some may find themselves forced to defer or default on your student loans, it’s better if you’re able to come up with a system to pay them off — and within a modest time frame.
Frank CEO and founder Charlie Javice.

The 26-year-old founder of a startup that helps college students save thousands on tuition says you should treat financial aid like a job offer: Alway...

Charlie Javice is the CEO and founder of Frank, an online FAFSA aid that helps students complete the application process in as little as four minutes. Javice told Business Insider to treat a financial aid award letter as a job offer: "Always negotiate, always advocate for yourself."
Frank CEO and founder Charlie Javice.

A 26-year-old founder has a solution to what Bill Gates calls an ‘unnecessary roadblock’ to college — and her startup is helping stu...

Students are borrowing more and more for college. The US government offers free financial aid to qualifying students, but the application process is arduous. A startup called Frank helps students fill out the complex FAFSA form in as little as four minutes.
Tim Devaney lives in San Francisco and is a personal finance writer for Credit Karma.

A writer who had $60,000 in student loans says it took him 5 years to make the mental shift he needed to pay them off before turning 30

Tim Devaney was a self-proclaimed spender, ate out twice a day, and considered movies, drinks, and dining out essential to life in his 20s. But he needed to pay back $60,000 in student loans, and it wasn't until five years in that he finally got serious.
Student loans weigh on many employees.

Companies from corporate giants to hot startups have begun offering perks and programs to tackle employees’ stifling student loans

Companies big and small — including IBM and fitness startup Peloton — offer student loan repayment benefits to employees. Research shows employee financial stability is linked to overall well-being and work performance, and many workers prefer companies who offer student loan debt benefits.