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Student Loan Hero CEO Andy Josuweit.

The CEO of a $60 million startup never got an MBA or worked in the corporate world — but he says he had something more important

Student Loan Hero was acquired by LendingTree last week for $60 million. CEO Andy Josuweit managed to get his startup off the ground and pay off more than $100,000 in student-loan debt by putting in long hours and making personal sacrifices.
Student Loan Hero founder and CEO Andy Josuweit.

A CEO who paid off $100,000 in his own student loans used to think they were predatory — but after 6 years of helping people pay theirs, he̵...

In the years since launching Student Loan Hero, CEO Andy Josuweit says he's changed his view on the student-loan industry and realized that not everyone can pay off their loans at the same pace.
Student Loan Hero CEO Andy Josuweit.

An entrepreneur won $40,000 to build his startup, but abandoned the idea after a matter of weeks — 6 years later, the company he built instead s...

Student Loan Hero, a personal finance site, was acquired for $60 million. But that milestone never would have happened if CEO Andy Josuweit stuck with his original idea for a startup.
I don't regret my student loans. (Author not pictured.)

I took out student loans and it was the best decision I made — here’s why

Student loans can leave young people in thousands of dollars worth of debt, with the average borrower graduating with over $37,000 to pay back. Despite the costs, student loans are a worthwhile investment if having that education will lead to a good career and income down the road.

The story of an orthodontist making 6 figures with $1 million in student-loan debt shows why doctors and lawyers are no longer the richest people you ...

An orthodontist in Utah owes $1,060,945 on his student loans, The Wall Street Journal reported. These days, student-loan debt can outweigh six-figure salaries for dentists, doctors, and lawyers. An MBA is often a better return on investment.
The University of Pennsylvania took the top spot.

The top 20 business schools where graduates earn the most money, ranked from lowest to highest salary

The business school at the University of Pennsylvania took the top spot for highest salary, beating out Harvard, Columbia, and Stanford.
President Trump released a budget proposal that has left some students outraged.

Trump may end a student loan forgiveness program — and people are furious

President Donald Trump unveiled a budget plan Monday that appears to put a slew of loan forgiveness programs in peril.
Natty Light wants your memories of college to be of something besides student loans.

Beer brand Natty Light is giving away $1 million to pay off student loans

Natty Light will give 25 winners of the #NattyStories video contest $40,000 each to pay down student loan debt.
Occupy Wall Street demonstrators participating in a street-theater production wear signs around their neck representing their student debt during a protest against the rising national student debt in Union Square, in New York.

America’s student debt crisis is worse than we thought

BI PRIME: A new Brookings Institution report projects substantially worst student loan defaults than previous estimates.

The most popular gift for millennials beats out the iPhone X, bitcoin, and Super Bowl tickets

A new poll indicates most student-loan borrowers would prefer loan repayments this holiday season over things like bitcoin or the new iPhone X.