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Natty Light is donating millions of dollars to offset American student debt.

Natty Light is donating $10 million to offset ‘crippling’ student-loan debt, and it reveals a dark reality about America

Natural Light on Tuesday announced plans to donate $10 million to offset student-loan debt.
Melissa and Shawn Breyer.

A married couple in their 20s explains how real-estate investing is helping them pay back over $170,000 in student-loan debt

A married man in his 20s shares how he's helping his spouse pay back a six-figure student-loan debt through real-estate investing in Georgia.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos forced to cancel $150 million in student loans after losing court battle

After a court loss, Betsy DeVos and the Education Department will cancel $150 million in student loans for those who went to shuttered schools.
The founding team of Goodly: Hemant Verma, Gregory Poulin, Jack Richardson, Dylan Blatt

This startup wants employers to stop giving its workers lavish perks and start helping them pay their student loans

Students today graduate with $37,172 in debt. Here's how this San Francisco-based Y Combinator startup wants to help employees pay off loans faster.
Maine wants to help you with your debt.

Maine will help you pay off your student loans — but only if you move there

Got student loans? The state of Maine wants to help you pay them off. But there's a catch — you have to move to Maine.
Americans owe $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, according to data from the Federal Reserve.

A 10-step plan to paying off student loan debt, from someone who repaid over $40,000

In total, Americans owe $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. While some may find themselves forced to defer or default on your student loans, it’s better if you’re able to come up with a system to pay them off — and within a modest time frame.
Dan Stelmach and Nick Sky, brothers and founders of the ChangEd student-loan payment app.

Startup founders who landed a deal with Mark Cuban on ‘Shark Tank’ used a 100-year-old piece of business advice to build their company fro...

Nick Sky and Dan Stelmach, brothers who founded the student-loan-payment app ChangEd, say you need to "embrace the broom" to find success as an entrepreneur. "Embracing the broom" means doing whatever job that needs to be done and not thinking the work is beneath you.
Student Loan Hero CEO Andy Josuweit.

The CEO of a $60 million startup never got an MBA or worked in the corporate world — but he says he had something more important

Student Loan Hero was acquired by LendingTree last week for $60 million. CEO Andy Josuweit managed to get his startup off the ground and pay off more than $100,000 in student-loan debt by putting in long hours and making personal sacrifices.
Student Loan Hero founder and CEO Andy Josuweit.

A CEO who paid off $100,000 in his own student loans used to think they were predatory — but after 6 years of helping people pay theirs, he̵...

In the years since launching Student Loan Hero, CEO Andy Josuweit says he's changed his view on the student-loan industry and realized that not everyone can pay off their loans at the same pace.
Student Loan Hero CEO Andy Josuweit.

An entrepreneur won $40,000 to build his startup, but abandoned the idea after a matter of weeks — 6 years later, the company he built instead s...

Student Loan Hero, a personal finance site, was acquired for $60 million. But that milestone never would have happened if CEO Andy Josuweit stuck with his original idea for a startup.