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Students burned books written by a Latina professor after she urged them in a lecture to think about their white privilege.

College students burned a Latina professor’s book after she urged them to think about their white privilege

A Georgia Southern University spokesperson told Insider burning was within students' First Amendment rights but didn't align with the school's values.

Here’s what LGBT Gen Zers want from their future bosses — and where they want to work

The next generation of LGBT students know what they want in the workplace, and they're not afraid to be vocal about it.

Here’s what Hispanic Gen Z students want in their future employers — and where they want to work

Employer branding specialists Universum provided Business Insider with an exclusive analysis of what Latinx students want from their future employers.
Save $100 on a pair of distraction-blocking Sony WH1000XM3 Headphones.

Amazon Renewed sells refurbished, pre-owned, and open-box products that look and work like new — here are 13 standout deals for college students...

Amazon Renewed sells refurbished, pre-owned, and open-box products from top brands. They work and look like new, but are much more affordable.
Activist uses a Greta Thunberg-inspired sign at the Global Climate Strike in London.

The Global Climate Strike inspired amazingly creative posters. Here are some of the funniest and most clever.

Funny signs spotted across the world at various locations of the Glocal Climate Strike, raising awareness for improved action towards climate change.
Classrooms can get dangerous for teachers.

11 shocking things about being a teacher that you’d never thought to ask

Teachers across the US told Business Insider that they face risks in potentially dangerous classrooms and they can't use the bathroom when needed.
Teachers report many of the same common aggravating behaviors in their students.

We asked teachers for the one thing students do that drives them nuts — and these are the 6 answers that kept coming up

While some complained about students using phones during class, others were more bothered by bullying and watching students mistreat one another.

Teachers reveal the 7 things they wish they could tell parents — but can’t

Business Insider spoke with a dozen teachers on the 7 most common things they wish they could tell parents about their kids.

Coding through play: How Lego is evolving to address the educational needs of young STEM learners today

Coding toys that develop and nurture STEM skills are a natural extension of Lego's story of analytical and imaginative play.
Harvard University is estimated to have produced more than 13,000 ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

The top 20 US universities with the wealthiest alumni, ranked

Where you attend college can influence future earnings. Ivy Leagues, private universities, and California schools produce the wealthiest individuals.