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Top tech talent is losing interest in working for Facebook — and the company’s tough year in headlines might be the cause

Students from universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Yale, and Georgia Tech are losing interest in working at Facebook.
A statue is pictured in front of the former head quarters of Germany's largest business bank, Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, January 28, 2013.

110,000 students applied for jobs at Deutsche Bank despite management changes and cuts

The numbers, up 20% in a year, show conditions at DB have not dampened ambition among millennial students to win a graduate place at the bank even in light of its recent problems and 7,000 job cuts.

Apple’s got a new app for helping teachers and students — it’s called ‘Schoolwork,’ and it’s part of a bigger educ...

Apple's got a new iPad aimed at schools, and it's got a new app to help teachers and students work together: "Schoolwork."

Apple just introduced a new iPad aimed at teachers and students — take a look

Apple announced the new iPad at an education event in Chicago.

Students across the country protested Wednesday to support victims of gun violence — here are the most incredible photos from the National Walko...

Three thousand protests were planned across the US, but some students feared they could face disciplinary action for their protests.

College is getting so expensive that students worry about having enough money to eat

The average university meal plan costs $4,500, often on top of tuition, and many students can't afford the extra expense.
North Carolina Tar Heels fans.

UNC used an insane slide to defend fake classes for athletes

"They didn't have to pay attention or necessarily engage with the material," UNC said. The NCAA declined to pursue sanctions against the school Friday.
UNC fans cheer at a Tar Heels basketball game.

Frat boys may have helped save UNC athletics from NCAA sanctions over the school’s academic scandal

Most of the students in the so-called paper classes were nonathletes.

23 teachers share the weirdest thing they’ve ever experienced on the job

We asked teachers everywhere to share some of the stranger things they've experienced on the job, and, well, we were overwhelmed by all the weirdness.

Teachers share 23 things they’d love to tell their students but can’t

There are some things teachers just can't tell their students, even if they want to.