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Uma Thurman’s brutal injury on the ‘Kill Bill’ set shows what happens when a director’s power goes too far, according to a pro...

Uma Thurman claims she wanted a stunt driver to do a "Kill Bill" scene, but director Quentin Tarantino insisted she do it herself.
Wu Yongning performing one of his rooftop stunts.

A famous Chinese ‘rooftopper’ has died while attempting a stunt on a 62-storey building

Wu Yongning, who had more than a million followers on Weibo, fell to his death from the Huayuan Hua Centre in Changsha.

Tom Cruise left an airplane flying with no pilot in an insane stunt for his new movie

Tom Cruise even had his director Doug Liman scared doing his latest stunt for "American Made."

Common says he did ’90 percent’ of his own stunts for that insane ‘John Wick 2’ fight

Common told Business Insider that he was happy to do his own stunt work for his crazy action sequences with Keanu Reeves in "John Wick: Chapter 2."

The inside story of one of the most infamous and tragic Hollywood on-set deaths

"John Wick: Chapter 2" director Chad Stahelski looks back on the death of his friend Brandon Lee that he witnessed and how it affects his sets now.

How 18 daredevils across the world get their adrenaline fix

These adrenaline junkies take adventure to the extreme, attempting all sorts of crazy stunts across the world.

Watch this compilation of insane stunts from the Blue Angels

See some of the best pilots throughout history pulling of mind-bending stunts.