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Getting a manicure.

A manicurist reveals the 7 biggest mistakes you’re making with your nails

INSIDER spoke with a nail expert about the biggest mistakes she sees on a regular basis — and what people should be doing instead.
Rianne Meijer, whose "expectation vs. reality" photos show her 390,000 followers that Instagram isn't always real life.

An influencer turns her Instagram outtakes into hilarious side-by-side photos to prove that social media isn’t real life

Amsterdam-based social media influencer Rianne Meijer said she's "found her voice" by sharing bloopers next to her Instagram-ready pictures.

Britney Spears is facing accusations of animal cruelty after posting a photo of $6,000 snakeskin heels she says she’s never worn before

Some people have said Spears was flaunting her wealth by sharing the photo, but others believe she should spend her money however she chooses.

Kylie Jenner wore a corset over a floral dress that looked like it came straight out of the Victorian era

Kylie Jenner also wore a cat-eye shaped pair of sunglasses from Gucci, and a small handbag from Hermès to accessorize her ensemble.

Cate Blanchett wore a pantsuit with puffy blue shoulder pads straight out of the ’80s

Cate Blanchett wore the ensemble while attending a screening of her new film "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" in New York City.
Rihanna in New York City on January 15.

Kylie Jenner wore a giant pair of $425 sunglasses that covered half her face, bringing big shades back in a major way

Tiny sunglasses are out, according to Kylie Jenner's latest Instagram that shows her wearing a huge pair of Dior shades while vacationing in Italy.
Tetsuya Kudo models his grandson's designer clothes.

An 84-year-old grandfather has become a highly fashionable Instagram influencer by modeling his grandson’s clothes

Tetsuya Kudo, a former chemistry teacher, has grown a following of 124,000 on Instagram thanks to his grandson's sense of style.

The best leather protectors you can buy

These are the best leather protector products you can use to make sure all your leather goods last for a long period of time.
Jennifer Lawrence's style has changed a lot over the years.

36 photos that show how Jennifer Lawrence’s style has evolved over time

In the last 10 years, Jennifer Lawrence has changed her red-carpet style dramatically, from simple silhouettes to glamorous designs by Dior.

Zendaya paired shorts and a plaid shirt with sky-high heels for an edgy red-carpet look

Before winning a surfboard at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards, Zendaya rocked the red carpet in a unique ensemble that was both casual and stylish.