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The Triton 36,000/2 submarine includes three viewports for pilots to see the sea around them.

A $48 million submarine system will dive to the deepest point in the ocean, where only 3 people have been before

Only three people have been to the deepest point of the ocean, but a new Triton Submarines vessel will let many more reach 36,000-foot depths.
USS Long Island (CVE-1) underway in 1943.

9 photos of WWII escort aircraft carriers, the US Navy’s small but effective hunter-killers that defeated Germany’s U-boats

By the war's end, US escort carriers had sunk 53 German U-boats, as well as more German U-tankers.
The JSMDF submarine Oryu at its launch on October 4, 2018.

Caught between Trump and China, Japan is making a small upgrade to give its submarines an edge

Japan finds itself facing a more assertive Chinese military and a more insistent Trump administration, and a new feature on its latest sub may be a way to relieve the pressure coming from both sides.

US submarines are better than China’s ‘by far,’ but in a war that may not matter

The US Navy's submarines have clear advantages over their Chinese counterparts, but in a showdown at sea — when time and geography play a major role — both sides may find their edge eroded.
A Dutch helicopter participates in NATO's Dynamic Mongoose anti-submarine exercise in the North Sea off the coast of Norway, May 4, 2015.

The Navy thinks Russian subs are a growing threat to Europe, and it’s mounting a full-court press to counter them

US and European naval officials have repeatedly expressed concern about Russia's increasingly active and sophisticated submarines, but countering those subs will take more than just other, better subs.

The Philippines’ president doesn’t want US submarines because he says they’ll ‘implode’ — so he’s turning to...

The president of the Philippines bashed the US Friday for warning his country against purchasing Russian submarines. He criticized the US for only providing hand-me-down weapons systems, arguing that if his country were to buy US submarines, they would probably "implode."

A US ally wants to buy Russian submarines — and the US is not OK with it

The US is warning the Philippines to think carefully about plans to acquire Russian submarines, explaining that doing so would be detrimental to the US-Philippine alliance.
A photo illustration of the future USS Columbia (SSBN 826).

Small errors could create a big problem for the Navy’s next ballistic missile submarine

The Navy needs to start building its new Columbia-class submarines by 2021 in order have them patrolling the world with nuclear weapons by 2031. Given the complexity of the program, however, a minor problem could have a big effect on that timeline.
he Virginia-class USS North Dakota (SSN 784) submarine is seen during bravo sea trials

‘We shall not fail!’ — The US Navy’s new submarine fleet commander vows to take on Russia and China

The new commander of all US submarines warns that the US is locked in "major power competition" with countries like China and Russia, but stresses that the US will maintain its dominance beneath the waves and emerge victorious.
Swedish submarine HMS Gotland and other NATO and partner ships sail in formation during exercise Dynamic Mongoose, May 4, 2015.

Western navies are worried about Russia’s submarines, and the US Navy is placing an order for more sub-hunting gear

The US and its partners in Europe have grown increasingly concerned about Russian submarine activity around the continent, and demand for sub-hunting sonobuoys is rising.