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Profit warning, CEO gone, shares in freefall: Subprime lender Provident Financial is in crisis

Debt collection rates plummeted from 90% in 2016 to 57% after the company changed from using self-employed agents to full-time "customer experience managers."

Banks are cutting back on lending to the riskiest borrowers

Lenders processed fewer new personal loans and credit cards for subprime borrowers year-on-year in Q2 for the first time since 2012.

Almost anyone can get a car loan now — and that’s not a good thing for the country

The amount of so-called subprime auto loans is increasing, and many Wall Streeters see similarities to the housing market before the financial crisis.

Why Wells Fargo keeps getting into trouble

Well Fargo has faced a number of lawsuits over the years from customers who say they have been wronged by the nation's largest bank.

The US does not need to kick its car habit

Increasing negative sentiment around what is indisputably a strength of the US economy is, well, strange.

Inspired by ‘The Big Short,’ some investors are trying to bet against subprime auto loans

Just after the film about the 2008 financial crisis debuted in December, traders began expressing interest in making trades against auto loans.