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You can only change your YouTube name three times in 90 days.

How to see a list of your YouTube subscribers on a computer or mobile device

You can only see a list of your YouTube subscribers on YouTube's desktop version, and you can only check your subscriber count on the mobile app.
Videos from T-Series, top, and PewDiePie, bottom.

Bollywood music channel T-Series beat out PewDiePie after a months-long battle to become the first YouTube channel to reach 100 million subscribers

The achievement comes after PewDiePie asked fans to stop campaigning for him using a slogan also used by the suspect in the New Zealand shootings.
Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix, speaks during the opening night of the WSJD Live conference in Laguna Beach, California October 24, 2016,

Netflix’s price hike tells us a lot about its subscriber numbers, analyst says

Netflix's price hike for US subscribers is a strong signal that its subscribers are growing strong, Berstein says.

GOLDMAN SACHS: Here’s what Wall Street is getting wrong about Netflix

Wall Street has "underestimated the size of Netflix’s global addressable market, the impact of incremental content spending, and the growing value of Netflix to both distributors and content creators," Goldman Sachs analyst Heath Terry said.

A Bollywood production company is about to steal PewDiePie’s top spot on YouTube — and viewers are watching it play out in real time

It will probably take about two months for PewDiePie to lose his spot to the Bollywood production company, T-Series.

Netflix’s subscription service is growing by leaps and bounds

Netflix subscribers have been growing steadily ever since 2012, from less than 30 million to more than 120 million last year.

Netflix is ticking higher after announcing plans to raise $1.6 billion in debt to fund new content

Netflix's stock price got a bump from its new debt offering where it hopes to raise $1.6 billion.
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

BERNSTEIN: Netflix is successfully pulling off a move very few companies can

The company is raising prices while still adding subscribers. “How many businesses can you name that have done that?" one research firm asks.

Netflix now has more subscribers internationally than in the US

Netflix's growth is coming on the back of its efforts outside of its home country.