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For some, college wasn't necessary. Anna Wintour pictured.

11 wildly successful people who never went to college

Do you need to attend college to be successful? These 11 people — including Michele Ferrero and Anna Wintour — never pursued higher education.

10 teenagers who are probably making more money than you

You don't need to be an "adult" to turn a profit — some teens are already building and running their own businesses and making money.

Apple CEO Tim Cook explains why you don’t need a college degree to be successful

Apple CEO Tim Cook said there's a "mismatch" between the skills learned in college and skills that are necessary for many businesses in the future.
Bert and John Jacobs.

Brothers who cofounded a $100 million company say a question their mom asked every night at dinner inspired their business

Every night, as the family sat around the dinner table, she would ask her 6 kids to tell her something good that happened that day.
Mikaila Ulmer, founder of Me & the Bees lemonade, speaks onstage during WE Day on April 20, 2016 in Seattle, Washington.

10 kids that are probably making more money than you

Check out these 10 child entrepreneurs that are probably already way more successful than you are — and remember what you were doing at their age.
Having a set morning routine can set you up for success.

I’m a neurosurgeon, and the best morning routine I’ve found consists of just 3 simple steps

As a neurosurgeon, coach, author, speaker, and dad, my morning routine is the secret to my success. Here are three simple steps to creating yours.

21 of Michelle Obama’s most inspiring quotes on work, success, and relationships

In honor of Michelle Obama's 55th birthday, we collected some of her most memorable advice and quotes, from the funny to the serious.
Being a morning person may increase your productivity and career growth.

9 things productive people do before noon

Being a morning person can help you capitalize on the day's tasks. Here are nine things people do before noon to increase their productivity.

There is one ultimate measure of a successful life, according to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and it has nothing to do with money

Bill Gates said he learned from Warren Buffett to measure success by the strength of his personal relationships.