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Money isn't everything — even to the wealthy. Author not pictured.

I’ve interviewed millionaires all over the world, and building wealth has a lot less to do with money than you think

Money is important to building wealth — but becoming a millionaire requires focusing on more than just money. Steve Siebold — who has interviewed millionaires around the world — shares 10 things he says they focus on other than money to build their wealth and find success.
'Niceness' can be a helpful tool in a negotiation.

I used to let people walk all over me at work — until I learned how I could use my niceness to my advantage

Being too nice in business can be either a help or a hindrance. But if you use your agreeability to your advantage, you can negotiate masterfully while being 'nice.'

5 steps that can change how others perceive you for the better

Confidence isn't something you are necessarily born with — but you can learn it. Susie Moore shares five ways you can build your confidence and exude a positive image to others. Doing so will not only help you feel great, but it can help you find more success.
Left-handed people may be more creative, perform better athletically, and have certain health benefits.

5 ways being left-handed can positively affect your life

Left-handed people face daily challenges that their right-handed counterparts never have to worry about, like hand smudges while writing and using scissors made for righties. Though left-handed people may seem at a disadvantage, their handedness may lead them to be more creative and better athletes.
There are things you can do in college that will lead you to your dream job.

The 4 smartest things I did for my career before I graduated from college

The career path leading to a great job can be a winding one. In college, you can do things like interning and finding a mentor, that can position you as a qualified candidate for your dream job. Here are the four smartest things author Audrey Noble did in college that helped kick-start her career.

Americans make easy victims of ‘entrepreneurship porn’ because it gets right at the heart of what they believe about business and success

Starting a business and keeping it small sounds less appealing to Americans than launching a startup and scaling it big. It may have to do with American beliefs around the meaning of success.
It might finally be your time to snag that promotion.

15 signs you’re about to be promoted at work — even if it doesn’t feel like it

There are certain signs your boss wants to promote you and you're about to get a promotion at work, you just have to know how to look out for them.

A CEO who sold his company for $365 million describes how one of the most humiliating moments of his life transformed his business into a huge success...

BI PRIME: Twelve years ago, Weebly CEO David Rusenko was told told by a prominent tech CEO that his idea for his company was "the worst idea ever."
Which of these sound familiar to you?

11 signs you’re going to be successful, even if it doesn’t feel like it

Signs of success include being open to failure and making time every day to learn — not necessarily having billions in the bank.

Where to buy work clothes that look professional but don’t cost a fortune

Where to buy clothes for work can be confusing. Many stores might offer great quality or great prices, but it can be difficult to find both. Experts recommended going to consignment stores, certain traditional retailers, and repurposing pieces you already have.