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Sugar can have an impact on your skin.

Yes, eating a lot of sugar can affect your skin. Here’s how.

Eating a lot of added sugar can have an effect on not only your general health but your skin as well.
A a sugar-rich diet can have negative effects on your overall health.

10 scary things that happen to your body when you eat too much sugar

From weight gain to increased risk of heart disease, a sugar-heavy diet has some not-so-sweet consequences.

Drinking fruit juice and other sugary beverages is closely linked with cancer, according to a new study of 100,000 people

It may not matter whether the sugar in a drink is added or natural. Drinking any sweet beverage (juice included) is linked with higher cancer risk.
Plain old water is a great "sports drink" if you're not exercising for very long or in the heat.

6 healthier alternatives to sports drinks, according to dietitians

Sports drinks can be packed with added sugars and artificial ingredients. Nutrition experts suggest alternatives like cherry juice and plain water.
A typical donut has about 11 grams of sugar.

A graphic comparing a bottle of soda to 6 donuts is going viral and it’s making people want to eat more pastries

A tweet compared the sugar in soda to six donuts. Some people think it makes donuts look healthy, but experts say all added sugars should be limited.
Freakshakes can contain as many as 1,280 calories.

The piled-high ‘Freakshakes’ you see on Instagram may contain as much sugar as 16 donuts

Some of the decadent drinks contain as many as 1,280 calories.
Smoothies might not be as healthy as you think they are.

Starting your day with a smoothie might not be as healthy as you think

Drinking a smoothie might seem like a healthy way to start your day. This, however, might not be the case. Here's what you should know.

There’s even more evidence that drinking lots of soda and sugar-filled coffee could lead to an early death

We've known for a while that soda and fruity drinks aren't the healthiest options, but startling new evidence suggests they're doing serious damage.

The 5 deadliest habits to avoid as you get older

A handful of activities can be truly detrimental to your health. In some cases, new studies have found a link between those habits and an early death.

What happens to your body and brain when you stop eating sugar

When your body and brain are used to you eating sugar, it can be a big adjustment when you stop.