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Suicide is skyrocketing in young people, even as deaths from accidents, cancer, and murders are down

The number of young people dying by suicide has gone up drastically since 2000, and data suggests the trend has a lot to do with pressure on kids.
High school teacher Erin Castillo designed a mental health check-in chart to talk to her students about how they're doing.

A high school teacher came up with a brilliant way to talk to her students about mental health, and it’s going viral

High school teacher Erin Castillo designed a mental health check-in chart where students can anonymously share if they're struggling.
Laidback Luke, Sunnery James, Hardwell, and Ryan Marciano.

DJs like Laidback Luke say their mental health is being damaged by the brutal pressures of the music industry

'Avicii was one in the making for years, [but] all of us pretty much ignored that,' Laidback Luke said. 'This shook us awake heavily.'
Katie Stubblefield.

A 22-year-old woman who became the youngest person in the US to undergo a face transplant says she finally feels ‘whole again’

The youngest person in the United States to undergo a face transplant said she finally feels "whole again," a year and a half after undergoing the 31-hour surgery. Katie Stubblefield, a 22-year-old from Mississippi, said people now see her "as another person and not as some kind of monster."

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook’s AI could spot suicidal tendencies in users quicker than friends

On Wednesday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that, in the past month, its AI tool has singlehandedly alerted first responders to over 100 users at risk of suicide.

A behavioral scientist says a popular Netflix show should be ‘swiftly removed’ because it encourages suicide

A new study suggests people who watched the series Googled information on how to take their own lives.

Linkin Park wrote an emotional tribute to their late lead singer, Chester Bennington: ‘Your absence leaves a void that can never be filled’...

On Monday, Linkin Park issued a moving tribute to Chester Bennington, the band's late lead singer, who committed suicide last week.

Facebook hopes to stop suicides from being live streamed with new tools

After a string of horrific events streamed on its platform, Facebook will let viewers of a live video report the broadcaster as suicidal.