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Construction workers had some of the highest suicide rates in 2012 and 2015.

Men working in construction, stay-at-home moms, and students are committing suicide in alarmingly high numbers, and it’s part of a disturbing tr...

The suicide rate in the US increased 34% from 2000-2016, the CDC reported Thursday. It's the latest evidence that a troubling trend is getting worse.
Logan Paul (left) and Aaron Paul (no relation) were apparently friends at one point.

Logan Paul says ‘Breaking Bad’ star Aaron Paul was his friend — and the actor’s response to the ‘suicide forest’ v...

Logan Paul discussed his infamous "suicide forest" video with The Hollywood Reporter, including the backlash he received from viewers and celebrities.
Laidback Luke, Sunnery James, Hardwell, and Ryan Marciano.

DJs like Laidback Luke say their mental health is being damaged by the brutal pressures of the music industry

'Avicii was one in the making for years, [but] all of us pretty much ignored that,' Laidback Luke said. 'This shook us awake heavily.'
Jacob Stockdale.

Man who once appeared on ‘Wife Swap’ has been arrested in connection to the death of his mother and brother

A man who once appeared on "Wife Swap" with his family has been arrested and charged in connection to the death of his mom and brother. Authorities allege that Jacob Stockdale shot his mother and younger brother in their Ohio home in June 2017.

Suicide is the main cause of death for millennials in Singapore – and most of them are men

In particular, men accounted for roughly 70% of suicide deaths over the past decade.
Katie Stubblefield.

A 22-year-old woman who became the youngest person in the US to undergo a face transplant says she finally feels ‘whole again’

The youngest person in the United States to undergo a face transplant said she finally feels "whole again," a year and a half after undergoing the 31-hour surgery. Katie Stubblefield, a 22-year-old from Mississippi, said people now see her "as another person and not as some kind of monster."
Firefighters blasted water at a woman who was trying to jump from her building in Weizhou, China, on Wednesday. The man on the left of the photo is a firefighter trying to coax her back inside.

Firefighters in China blasted a water cannon at a woman trying to jump from her building to coax her back in

A woman in China was trying to jump from her fourth-floor apartment this week, Chinese state media reported. Firefighters tried to persuade her back inside for 30 minutes, but to no avail, local authorities said. So they blasted a water cannon at her.

A study says millennials are becoming perfectionists because they’re always being evaluated – and it’s leading to suicide and depression

Because the modern world equates performance, status and image with usefulness, millennials feel that they must outperform their peers in order to show their value.

The US suicide rate has increased 30% since 2000, and tripled for young girls. Here’s what we can do about it.

The suicide rate has skyrocketed since 2000 in the US, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The suicide rate rose 50% for women of all ages, and it's up for all men under 75, too. But there are things we can do to help prevent more cases.

Kate Spade’s sales have surged since the death of the brand’s founder, and it reveals how important her vision was to its success

Kate Spade's parent company, Tapestry, which also owns Coach, reported strong fourth-quarter earnings, exceeding analysts' expectations and sending its share price up 12%.