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Fox has already sold out of Super Bowl ads — and some 30-second spots are fetching a record $5.6 million

It marks the first time in five years Fox has booked all of its Super Bowl commercials this far out from the event, according to Variety.
John Legend teamed up with Pampers for their Super Bowl 2019 commercial.

John Legend and Adam Levine change dirty diapers in the Pampers Super Bowl ad, and people are loving it

The singers are seen changing dirty diapers and singing the "Stinky Booty Duty" song during the commercial that aired on Super Bowl Sunday.

CBS denied a Super Bowl ad for medical marijuana because it went against the network’s broadcast standards

CBS denied a proposed Super Bowl ad from Acerage Holdings, a US-based marijuana investment firm, even though medical marijuana is legal in 30 states.
Dodge Ram's Super Bowl ad offended many.

People hate Ram’s Super Bowl ad, which uses a Martin Luther King Jr. speech to sell trucks

Ram's Super Bowl commercial featured part of a speech by the legendary civil-rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.

Netflix, Amazon, and HBO handed NBC millions for Super Bowl ads — as they actively try to kill TV

The question for NBC: Are you helping accelerate your decline, or just making the most of a bad situation while you still can?
The ad opens with John Di Domenico playing President Donald Trump tweeting while walking.

Only people in DC got to see a bizarre Super Bowl commercial with a Trump impersonator and the Redskins’ quarterback

The company, Cyprus Air Fireplace Systems, bought a regional ad during the 2017 Super Bowl, too.
A still from the ad.

Verizon came back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2011 with this incredibly emotional commercial

The 60-second commercial titled "Answering the Call" captures emotional phone calls between first responders and the real people whose lives they helped save.

The creators of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ explain the secret of staying funny even after the ‘punk rock authenticity’ is gone

Max Temkin and Ben Hantoot talk about the future of Cards Against Humanity and what makes it tick.

The Super Bowl drove a whopping $500 million in revenue for Fox

Fox generated a whopping $500 million in ad revenue from the Super Bowl, 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch said Monday.

23% of the Super Bowl TV show this year was commercials

This year's Super Bowl featured 51 minutes 20 seconds of ads.