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Tom Brady’s alleged jersey thief is considered a ‘god in the collecting world’ and his big blunder was sending a picture of a jersey...

Tom Brady's jersey thief raised suspicions about himself after he sent pictures of his considerable collection to another collector months before.

Julian Edelman’s diving Super Bowl catch was so crazy he tried to keep it from being reviewed because he wasn’t sure he caught it

Julian Edelman wanted Tom Brady to snap the ball and move on before referees could review his catch and rule it wasn't fair.

23% of the Super Bowl TV show this year was commercials

This year's Super Bowl featured 51 minutes 20 seconds of ads.

Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan explains the baffling late-game play calls that cost the Falcons dearly in the Super Bowl

The Falcons chose to run their offense down the stretch, and a few mistakes set them too far back to run the ball and kick a field goal.

One chart shows how improbable the Patriots’ stunning comeback was

The Patriots' odds of winning the Super Bowl were almost zero before drastically swinging back the other way.

Once again, ‘Madden’ correctly predicted the Super Bowl winner

Yes, once again, EA Sports' "Madden" football game franchise correctly predicted who would win the Super Bowl.

The Falcons’ key offensive philosophy came back to bite them at the worst possible moment

The Falcons decided to be aggressive and throw the ball late in the game, and it backfired.

Netflix was the Super Bowl advertiser that generated the most buzz

There were 307,000 tweets about "Stranger Things" between 6.30 p.m. and 11.00 p.m. ET during the big game.