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There are 6 Marvel movies in the works for after ‘Avengers: Endgame’ — here are all the details

Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in the works include "Guardians of the Galaxy 3" and "Black Panther 2."

Sony says it has 7 years of Marvel movies mapped out — here are all the details on what to expect

Sony will be the only movie studio besides Disney with rights to Marvel characters once the Disney-Fox merger is complete. Here's what's in the works.
"Captain Marvel"

One big way Marvel is different from other movie studios, according to the editor of ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Black Panther’

Debbie Berman, an editor on three Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, explained how Marvel stands out from other studios.

DC has 7 upcoming superhero movies with official release dates — here are all the details

Upcoming DC movies include "Joker," "Wonder Woman 1984," and "Shazam!"
Brie Larson in "Captain Marvel"

A key ‘Captain Marvel’ character’s introduction was changed to preserve the movie’s biggest twist

A character in "Captain Marvel" was originally introduced earlier, but was moved later in the movie to hide the movie's major twist.

Every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, ranked from worst to best

We ranked every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, from "Iron Man" to "Captain Marvel."
"The New Mutants"

‘X-Men’ spin-off movie ‘The New Mutants’ is reportedly in limbo as the Disney-Fox merger looms

An "X-Men" spin-off movie called "The New Mutants" is expected to hit theaters in August, but new questions have been raised about its fate.

The DC movie franchise made a comeback with ‘Aquaman,’ and its new strategy will distinguish it from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Warner Bros.' DC movie universe is making a comeback with characters like Wonder Woman and Aquaman, and a less connected franchise.
Amber Heard and Jason Momoa in "Aquaman"

‘Aquaman 2’ has an official release date, but fans will have to wait longer than expected

Warner Bros. has set a release date for an "Aquaman" sequel.
"The Umbrella Academy" comes to Netflix February 15.

How Dark Horse is building its own movie and TV empire out of comic books, from Netflix to a ‘Hellboy’ reboot

Dark Horse Entertainment is going all-in on movies and TV in 2019 and beyond, and looking to streaming to boost its profile.