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An example of Amazon's facial recognition software in use.

Amazon sells facial recognition software to police all over the US, but has no idea how many departments are using it

Amazon sells facial recognition software to police departments across the country, and the federal government isn't regulating
A passenger wearing a face mask checks her mobile phone while riding the subway, as the country is hit by an outbreak of the novel coronavirus, in Beijing, China February 6, 2020.

Chinese subways are using artificial intelligence facial recognition scanners to help detect whether people have coronavirus

In Beijing, China, artificial intelligence and other temperature-detection measures are being ratcheted up.
Your call gets transferred from tower to tower as you move through the landscape.

Some smartphone games and weather apps are reportedly feeding location data into a database that the Trump administration is using to enforce its bord...

Users allowed the apps to track their location. That information went into a database that was sold to customers like CBP.

Clearview AI, the controversial company building a searchable database of peoples’ faces, is reportedly planning a ‘rapid international ex...

A facial-recognition startup that sells Google and Facebook images to police may be looking to build surveillance tools for foreign governments, too.
A resident wearing mask and raincoat volunteers to take temperature of passenger following the outbreak of a new coronavirus at a bus stop at Tin Shui Wai, a border town in Hong Kong, China February 4, 2020.

Officials in Hong Kong are using wristbands to track families that are under Wuhan coronavirus quarantine

Those who evade the mandatory quarantine reportedly risk being tracked by the police, facing up to six months in jail, and paying a fine of $641.
Workers on a production line help to manufacture masks at a factory in Shanghai, China, January 31, 2020.

A medical-surveillance system that China implemented after SARS led officials to discover the new coronavirus within 1 week — here’s how i...

An online database allows doctors to upload information on infectious diseases in real time, which is how they detected this coronavirus so quickly.
A screenshot from Special Services Group's sales brochure.

A secretive spyware company is selling cameras and listening devices disguised as tombstones and car seats to police and federal agencies like the FBI...

The company has sold its products to dozens of US agencies, including the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, and ICE, and has threatened to sue journalists who report on its existence.
Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff

Ring CEO says company’s security was ‘at the top of the industry standards’ as devices were being hacked

Jamie Siminoff, founder and CEO of Ring, which is owned by Amazon, said that customers' insecure passwords were to blame for the hacks.

Trump is not a fan of civil liberties, and Americans are more willing to give up their rights when they’re scared. Here’s why there’...

With fears of war with Iran on the rise and a president hostile to civil liberties, a terrified public could willfully give up their own rights.

Scammers are using hidden or hijacked cameras to surveil unsuspecting people. From gas pumps to Airbnbs, here are the most unexpected ways people have...

The past year was rife with stories about people finding hidden cameras in unexpected places, ranging from Airbnbs to gas pumps.