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This Italian winery makes sustainable wines you can buy online starting at $8 a bottle — here’s how it’s influencing innovation in a...

The first winery in the world to win an ISO award for sustainability is cloning grapes that combat climate change. Here's where to buy it online.

25 cheap and easy replacements for plastic in your home and kitchen

If you're trying to cut down on how much plastic you use, there are plenty of replacements out there that won't cost you more money or convenience.
These Baggu reusable bags ($10 - $12) are made to look like classic takeout bags.

7 alternatives to plastic bags — from reusable produce bags to clever totes that fold up to fit in your pocket

Single-use plastic bags are ruining our oceans. They're not just bad for the environment, they're pretty boring to look at. Here are 7 options that are much more sustainable, and look cooler too.

CapitaLand is putting over 20,000 solar panels on 6 of its buildings – that’s enough power for 2,300 HDB flats a year

The combined solar panel facility could be the largest of its kind in Singapore by a real estate company.

We asked 4 women to try Athleta’s new sustainable swimsuits made from recycled nylon — here’s what they thought

As you look to reduce your environmental impact, Athleta's swimsuits are a reminder that even the small things can make a difference. Read our review.
S'well bottles are beloved for their sleek design, their ability to keep drinks hot or cold, and their condensation-free exterior.

9 cheap solutions for people who want to waste less and wean themselves off single-use items

The world is facing an extreme trash crisis. Having a "zero waste starter kit" on hand makes it easier to say no to single-use items and reduce waste.

This year’s NDP funpack is supposed to be more eco-friendly than before – here’s what to look out for

No more scarves. This year's funpacks supposedly achieved a reduction of more than 1.7 million single-use items.

Amazon Day is a new Prime-member perk from Amazon that allows you to schedule your package deliveries — here’s how it works

It's a great option to use if you regularly order from Amazon, aren't in a rush to receive your item immediately, and want to reduce packaging waste.
Reformation's packaging is made from 100% recycled paper products and compostable bio-based materials.

How Reformation won over ‘cool girls’ by filling a void left by H&M and Forever 21

Reformation has made sustainability a core tenet of its business model as fast-fashion rivals like H&M and Forever 21 face criticism over waste.

10 products made from innovative materials you’d never expect — including shoes, leggings, mattresses, and pasta

These companies have discovered innovative ways to turn unexpected materials into clothing, accessories, and food, all without sacrificing functionality or quality.