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The logo of Swiss banking group Credit Suisse is pictured on November 11, 2018 in Geneva

A former Credit Suisse executive says she was spied on — months after a top banker made similar accusations

Colleen Graham alleges the bank withheld her 2016 bonus, hinted at firing her, and had her followed after she refused to manipulate revenue figures.
The coin is being produced by Swissmint.

Roger Federer just became the first living person to be featured on a Swiss coin as ‘a perfect ambassador’ for the country

The coin is being made because of Federer's "sporting achievements, charitable commitments, easy-going nature, and his accessibility to his fans."

These 4 European countries still have a wealth tax. Here’s how it’s working out for them.

Spain, Switzerland, Norway, and Belgium all have a wealth tax that varies greatly in structure and results.
A 2014 Lamborghini Veneno.

This $8 million Lamborghini seized from an African dictator’s son is the most expensive ever sold

A 2014 Lamborghini Veneno just fetched $8.4 million at a Bonhams auction in Switzerland, making it the most expensive Lamborghini ever auctioned.
Iqbal Khan, former CEO International Wealth Management of Swiss bank Credit Suisse, attends the company's annual shareholder meeting in Zurich.

A spy hired by Credit Suisse defends his role in a physical altercation with the ex-banker he was following

Credit Suisse reportedly hired the private investigator to track former banker Iqbal Khan's meetings. Khan is leaving the bank to work at UBS.

Credit Suisse reportedly had a top banker followed by detectives before he joined rival firm UBS

The firm was trying to figure out whether its former top banker Iqbal Khan poached other ex-staff to join him at UBS, Bloomberg reported.
Members of the Swiss federal army's honor guard in Bern, October 4, 2012.

Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership — here’s why it doesn’t have mass shootings

Here's what the US can learn from Switzerland, which has nearly eliminated mass shootings while maintaining a high rate of gun ownership.
Monti Scìaga, Switzerland

A rustic Swiss mountain village near Milan and Lake Como is the latest to sell off homes for $1

The village is proposing to give away nine homes for $1, so long as the buyers commit to renovating them.
The Patrouille Suisse in action.

The Swiss Air Force’s aerobatic jet team interrupted a yodeling festival when they accidentally performed a fly-by over the wrong town

Attendees of a yodeling festival in Mümliswil, four miles away from the team's target, were surprised to see the six F-5E Tiger II fly-by on Saturday.

Swiss Air Force demo team accidentally flies over a yodeling festival instead of an event honoring a local aviation hero

The team was supposed to be making a flyover at an event honoring a local aviation pioneer. It flew over a local yodeling festival instead.