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4 PH members caught by police while high on drugs at a 5am party in Selangor

The embarrassing arrests come at a time when PH's popularity has nosedived as it struggles to fulfill its election promises.

After 3 long years, Malaysia’s first e-hailing bike service is back on the road with 700 riders

However, only riders of the same sex can ride together, and less than 50 of the 700 approved riders currently are female.

‘Janitors in Singapore earn more than us’: Malaysia’s medical grads are up in arms over incentive cuts – here’s what we ...

"Why does the civil service seem to be targeting the healthcare workers?"

Syed Saddiq wants Malaysia’s sports associations to explain why they failed to get 70 gold medals at SEA Games

The Malaysian contingent had been set a target of 70 gold medals but managed only 56.

Malaysia’s Terengganu reportedly wants to bar female gymnasts over their attire – but Syed Saddiq is not having any of it

Syed Saddiq says he will not tolerate this decision, if it is found to be true.

‘End the fiasco’: After viral video, woman in Syed Saddiq’s office clarifies she’s a mum with two kids

Syed Saddiq has clarified that the woman in peach was neither his assistant, nor a transvestite.