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President Donald Trump in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House on March 25, 2019.

Trump’s military parade will reportedly divert $2.5 million away from national parks

"You'll see them moving through your neighborhood, but don't panic," a US Army spokesperson said to WUSA.
Russian T-80 U tanks during demonstrations outside Moscow, Russia August 23, 2018.

Watch Russian tank crews show off their skills by drawing pictures, cutting watermelons, and dancing to Tchaikovsky

Russian T-80 tanks sliced through a watermelon and danced to "Swan Lake" to show off their prowess and precision.
Russian T-14 tanks drive during rehearsal for the Victory Day parade in Moscow

Russia is installing toilets in the wildly expensive NATO killer T-14 supertanks it can’t afford

Russia can't actually afford its powerful T-14 tanks, but apparently that's not stopping it from upgrading them with with toilets in an usual upgrade.

China admits that its army had no idea what to do with its fancy new tanks

In a mock battle last year, an elite combined arms brigade was soundly defeated despite being armed with China's toughest tank, state media reported.

Russia has a major buyer for its next generation T-14 Armata tank, but the US could throw a wrench in any deal

India is looking for 1,700 combat vehicles to modernize its arsenal, but a US law could mean that any major arms deals with Russia come with sanctions.
Tankers from the 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, fire during unit gunnery at Fort Stewart, Georgia, March 29, 2018.

The Army is getting ready for a tough fight with a more capable enemy, and now 2 of its units are undergoing big changes

The Pentagon has shifted its focus to preparing for a potential fight with a peer or near-peer competitor, and the Army has been converting some units to boost the size and effectiveness of its armor.

A Russian tank recently fell off its trailer after a parade — and these embarrassing videos show that’s happening a lot

All these tank fails raise an obvious questions: What's going on with the Russian military?

Watch Abrams tanks in WWII paint crush cars at a tank competition in Europe

US soldiers, along with soldiers from seven other allies, competed in the third annual Strong Europe Tank Challenge in Germany last week. The US didn't even finish in the top three spots.
Turkish tanks maneuver during a military exercise near the Turkish-Iraqi border in Silopi, Turkey, September 21, 2017.

Here’s how 10 of the largest and most important tank battles in history played out

The tank is one of the most important weapon systems on the battlefield. Few weapons strike enemy soldiers with the fear that a fully loaded tank rolling towards them does.
Ukrainian servicemen on armored personnel carriers during a ceremony to hand over weapons, military equipment, and aircraft to the army, outside Zhytomyr, January 5, 2015.

The US is moving closer to a plan to aid Ukraine that could backfire dangerously

The proposal would allow the Ukrainian government to buy $47 million worth of 'defensive' lethal aid from American companies.