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People don’t want to work at stores like Target and Macy’s, and it’s creating a huge problem for the industry

The holiday season is creeping closer, but some of America's biggest retailers could find themselves understaffed. As a result, retailers have been forced to offer more attractive compensation and perks to encourage workers.

Major retailers like Walmart and Target are doing whatever it takes to convince people to work there

Walmart is reportedly surveying workers on what perks they want the most, Target is highlighting its higher starting pay, and Kohl's is offering workers "unprecedented" discounts.

These are the brands with the most loyal shoppers

Amazon and Walmart have some of the most loyal customers of any brand. A recent study by Morning Consult looked at what brands shoppers are most loyal to, and why. Here are the top 20.
Walmart had a ton of fresh produce.

We went shopping at Walmart and Target to see which was better for groceries, and there was a clear winner

Walmart and Target have a lot of overlap in what they sell, and one of the biggest departments they compete in is grocery. Even though the stores are both performing well financially, we found one was preferable when it came to the grocery-shopping experience.

Employees from Costco, Walmart, and Target share their worst horror stories — and they’ll make you rethink how you act when you shop

Costco, Walmart, Target, and other retail employees have witnessed their fair share of bad behavior from shoppers. Business Insider spoke with retail workers, who shared stories of rude and erratic customer behavior.
Target is investing in its stores, and it seems to be paying off.

These retailers are beefing up their stores to survive a new era of shopping — and it’s paying off

Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, and Kohl's all reported strong earnings results in the most recent quarter after launching new initiatives to blend e-commerce and in-store shopping. Their investments in their stores seem to be paying off.
Nike's newest ad featuring Colin Kaepernick is making waves.

Nike’s polarizing new Colin Kaepernick ad shows it can succeed where Starbucks and Target failed

Not everyone loves Nike's new ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. Target and Starbucks have seen firsthand how difficult it is to weigh in on social issues.

The 10 most valuable retail brands in the world

Brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance ranked the 500 most valuable brands in the world in 2018, with Amazon, Apple, and Google holding the top spots.

The clever tricks Target uses to get you to keep spending money

Target is known for its addictive shopping experience, with customers coming in for one item but leaving having bought 100 more. But how does it convince you to spend so much money?
Walmart has an app for its in-store pharmacies.

We visited a Walmart and a Target store to see which one is better prepared to take on Amazon, and the winner was clear

Walmart and Target have both been shifting their strategies to keep up with Amazon, but one retailer offers a much better in-store shopping experience.