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US and China plan high level trade talks amid fears tariff war could wipe $1 trillion off economy

Hopes for a US-China trade war deal have been boosted by confirmation that high level talks will continue despite recent difficulties.

A Trump-Xi meeting on trade is reportedly being pushed back until at least April

President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping won't meet this month on a possible end to the trade war, Bloomberg reported.
The news from China is bad.

Trump’s trade war is hammering Chinese exports and it’s driving a global selloff

Chinese exports dropped a shocking 21%, and traders are nervous about European growth and US jobs.

Trump made shrinking the US trade deficit a major goal of his trade war, but it’s instead ballooned to $621 billion — the highest since 20...

President Donald Trump made reducing the trade deficit a key goal of his trade war, but the measure just hit its largest mark since 2008.
Many of President Donald Trump's handshakes were awkward.

Trump’s trade battle with India kicked off after it refused to allow US companies to jack up prices on key medical equipment

The dispute centres around the provision of two types of medical devices — knee implants and stents.

Trump said his trade war would pay off. But so far, experts see little evidence of meaningful change.

There has been little evidence China has committed to the structural changes the US sought when it started the trade war.

Trump’s trade war cost Americans $1.4 billion per month last year, according to new report

A spate of protectionist policies with major trading partners reduced real US income by $1.4 billion per month in late 2018, according to a new study.

Markets rally on report China and US near deal to slash tariffs

The Shanghai Composite Index and Japan's Nikkei jumped at least 1% each.

America’s farmers are swimming in $409 billion of debt

American farmers are facing the most debt in decades.
China's stock markets are soaring.

Stock markets are soaring after Trump delays tariffs on Chinese goods

President Donald Trump's tweet about "substantial progress" on trade talks helped send one Chinese index to its best one-day surge since July 2015.