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The Beyond Burger at TGI Fridays.

I compared the meatless Beyond Burger with a beef burger from Shake Shack — and I know which burger I’d rather eat

Beyond Meat's Beyond Burger is a plant-based patty promising a veggie meal without sacrifice. Here's how it compares with Shake Shack.
I ordered the smallest portion of chicken wings from four different restaurants.

I tried chicken wings from 4 restaurant chains and the winner had the best value

I tasted chicken wings from four chains: Famous Dave's, Miller's Ale House, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Pizza Hut. Here's how they compared.
Between the gnocchi's limited availability and Twitter users' extremely enthusiastic reviews, I was intrigued and decided to try out Trader Joe's hot seller for myself.

I tried Trader Joe’s $3 cauliflower gnocchi, and found it’s much more than a guilt-free alternative to pasta

With 140 calories per serving and the promise that the cauliflower "masquerades as potato," it's no wonder packages are flying off the shelves.
I tried four hot dogs from four different chains (hot dog pictured not included).

I tried hot dogs from 4 fast-food chains and the winner was affordable and tasty

We tried hot dogs from Sonic, Five Guys, Checkers, and Dairy Queen to figure out who had the best hot dogs. The winner was affordable and tasty.
I went to my local Olive Garden and tried each of the dishes on the new "Giant Italian Classics" menu.

Olive Garden’s new giant food menu that features a massive meatball and an 11-inch chicken parmigiana exceeded my expectations — and my ap...

Our reporter tried Olive Garden's "Giant Italian Classics" menu including a massive meatball, 11-inch chicken parm, and stuffed pasta shells.
All of our contenders.

We tried 4 frozen chicken pot pies and the winner could have fooled us for homemade

We tried four brands of chicken pot pies, Boston Market, Marie Callender's, Banquet, and Stouffer's, to see which tasted the closest to homemade.
Though other people's drinks were more pink, my cherry blossom shake looked a little different to what was advertised.

I tried Shake Shack’s new millennial-pink cherry blossom shake, but it wasn’t what I expected

Shake Shack's cherry blossom shake looked ready-made for Instagram, and the flavors piqued my interest, so I headed out to try it.
These are the three brands I tried.

We tried 3 waffle mixes and the winner tasted homemade

Most store-bought mixes can be used for pancakes and waffles. We tried three national brands of waffle mix to determine which we liked best.
The three contenders.

We tried 3 different brands of microwave dinners — and the winner was clear

We tried chicken and turkey dinners from Lean Cuisine, Boston Market, and Marie Callender's. See which one tastes best.
The Burger King chicken sandwich.

We tried the 3 cheapest meals at Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s. Here’s which meal left us fullest.

We tried the discount menus or meal deals at Burger King, McDonald's, and Wendy's. Each had their positives, but Wendy's edged out the competition.