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Trump’s tax cuts have so far failed to deliver on one key promise

The Trump tax cuts were pitched as a boon to US workers, with X saying that they would lead to wage growth, and that "hardworking Americans" would never keep more of their money. While the tax cuts have meant that Americans are keeping more of their paychecks, no discernible gains in wages have materialized thus far.

BERNANKE: Trump’s tax cuts are like ‘Wile E. Coyote’ and the economy’s boost will fall off the cliff in 2020

Ben Bernanke, the former Federal Reserve chairman, said Thursday that the Trump administration's tax cuts would initially boost the economy but reach the edge of the cliff in 2020. Like Wile E. Coyote, they're going to fall off, Bernake said, and make the Fed's job harder.

A Democratic congressman is taking the first shot at a repeal of Trump’s tax law

As the new tax cuts ushered in solely by Republicans begin to take effect, one Democratic congressman is unveiling a repeal plan, signaling that President Donald Trump's primary opposition is serious about reversing his signature legislative achievement.
US President Donald Trump speaks during a roundtable discussion about the Republican $1.5 trillion tax cut package he recently signed into law on April 16, 2018.

One of Trump’s biggest accomplishments could make the next recession worse

It's 'happy hour' in America, the firm says, and a hangover is coming.

Trump claimed the tax bill would lead to a huge boost in business spending — but there’s no sign of it yet

New tax cuts are unlikely to spur business investment to any large extent, according to a new survey conducted by the Atlanta Fed in conjuction with academics.
An artist from the Jinan Acrobatic Troupe of China performs during a rehearsal for the Fragrance of the Opera show in Taipei County.

2 key risks are endangering the global economy, IMF says

BI PRIME: World economic growth is set to remain firm this year and next, but remains vulnerable to payback from two key factors.

TRUMP: ‘Phase 2’ tax cut might be on the way

"Kevin are we going for an additional tax cut, I understand?" President Trump said at a meeting with the Houston Astros at the White House.
What doctors can expect.

Here’s what Trump’s tax plan means for doctors — from pediatricians making $184,000 to anesthesiologists making $270,000 a year

Physicians in different specialties, from pediatricians to internists to anesthesiologists, could see their taxes change next year.
Donald Trump.

Trump reportedly told friends at Mar-a-Lago ‘you all just got a lot richer’ hours after signing tax bill

Trump told supporters at a November rally that the bill would hurt him and other wealthier Americans.
Here's what blue collar workers can expect.

Here’s what Trump’s tax plan means for blue collar workers, from cooks to mechanics

Business Insider and Zippia broke down how the Republican tax bill will affect take-home pay for a variety of blue collar occupations.