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Republicans are already acknowledging they need to fix their gigantic tax law — but that could be impossible

The new tax law will need a lot of technical corrections, but Democrats may not go along with attempts to fix it.

BANK OF AMERICA: Tax reform could be a drag on company profits by next year

BI Prime: The boost from tax cuts could be brief.
Donald Trump.

HUSSMAN: Trump’s tax cuts are a ‘quickly planned looting through a broken window in our nation’s character’

Congress should instead be providing tax incentives for real investment, he said.

Here’s where home prices could take the biggest hit thanks to tax reform

The GOP tax bill is expected to disproportionately hurt home prices in New York and New Jersey.
The most highly taxed small-cap companies have outperformed amid expectations of tax reform.

Here are the areas of the stock market that’ll get the biggest boost from Trump’s tax overhaul

Equity strategists across Wall Street have been reluctant to price tax-reform expectations into their already-bullish forecasts, suggesting further gains.

Trump may not sign the tax bill until 2018 to avoid a Medicare disaster

President Donald Trump may not sign the GOP tax reform bill until January 3 in order to delay a cut to Medicare under the Paygo rule.

RAY DALIO ON TAX CUTS: ‘We’re still not dealing with the bigger issues’

The hedge fund icon has some strong words about the Republican’s tax reform bill

The GOP says only ‘rich people’ will get a tax increase from its bill — but millions of middle-class Americans could pay more

Republicans say their tax bill will increase taxes only on wealthy Americans, but an analysis found it would do so for millions of middle-income families too.

An econ professor turned small-business owner breaks down his 3 big problems with the GOP tax plan

An economics professor turned Jimmy John's franchisee breaks down why he doesn't think Republicans' tax plan helps small-business owners.

Here’s how the newly passed GOP tax bill will impact the economy, businesses, the deficit, and your wallet

Congress just passed the Republican tax reform bill, here's what it means for all parts of the US economy.