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Luxembourg is the best country to be an elementary school teacher, salary-wise.

The best and worst countries to be a teacher, based on salary

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week. Here's a look at how teacher salaries stack up across several different countries.

50+ stores that are offering special discounts to teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week

These stores give teacher discounts during Teacher Appreciation Week and through the entire year.
Massachusetts high school teacher James Callahan's Gen Z dictionary.

A Massachusetts high school teacher keeps a spreadsheet of slang words so he can figure out what his students are saying

The list quickly went viral, with many lauding teacher James Callahan for making an effort to understand his students' slang.
Sometimes even small actions can make a huge difference.

9 teachers who went above and beyond to change their students’ lives

It's no secret that many people have been positively impacted by some amazing teachers, but some go above and beyond for their students.
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I’m a teacher — here are 7 things people get wrong about my job

Being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs out there. I rounded up some of the biggest misconceptions about what it's like to teach for a living.
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30 thoughtful gifts for teachers to thank them for a great year

As the year winds down, it's only proper to show your teachers some love and appreciation for all they do to support your kids.

11 facts you learned about US history that are false

From the first Thanksgiving to the invention of the light bulb, a few things you learned in school might be wrong ...
A file photo of a shooting range

An elementary school teacher was fired after putting her principal’s face on a shooting range target, and now claims she was a victim of bullyin...

Nori McCall-Fasse was fired from Urbana North Elementary School in Urbana, Ohio, after sending a text she now says was a joke.
High school teacher Erin Castillo designed a mental health check-in chart to talk to her students about how they're doing.

A high school teacher came up with a brilliant way to talk to her students about mental health, and it’s going viral

High school teacher Erin Castillo designed a mental health check-in chart where students can anonymously share if they're struggling.