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Neopenda co-founders Shah and Cauvel.

This healthcare startup is using technology to save millions of babies

Neopenda wants to reimagine the wearable tech of today and apply it to low-resource hospitals in Uganda to reduce preventable newborn deaths.
Each iPhone contains 31 grams of aluminum.

Here’s how much metal it takes to make your iPhone

Your iPhone is a complex piece of machinery. Each phone contains a number of metals, including titanium, iron and gold. But there is far more aluminum than any other material.
It's cheaper to live in Pittsburgh than Silicon Valley, said Luis Von Ahn, CEO of Duolingo.

A CEO who based his $700 million company in Pittsburgh says he’s getting employees who want to work in tech but avoid the Bay Area

Duolingo cofounder and CEO Luis Von Ahn says having a tech company headquartered in Pittsburgh, rather than Silicon Valley, is an advantage. For one, Pittsburgh has cheaper housing; Von Ahn estimates at least half of Duolingo employees own a home.
Elon Musk is one busy guy.

A look at the demanding schedule of Elon Musk, who works in 5-minute slots, skips breakfast, and largely avoids emails

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, leads a busy life as the mastermind behind two major tech companies. So it's not at all surprising that his daily routine is demanding. Here's what that looks like.

Amazon just acquired a little-known startup that mails medicine to your door, and it sent pharmacy stocks into a frenzy — here’s how PillP...

PillPack, a pill packaging and delivery startup founded in 2013, is being acquired by e-commerce giant Amazon. Here's what the company does.

Here’s how the ‘unlimited’ plans from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile compare

The 'unlimited' plan space has moved fast and furiously over the past few months, so we've put the offerings from the big four carriers head to head.

The magic ingredient in Silicon Valley’s favorite ‘bleeding’ veggie burger is under fire

The FDA has delayed its decision on the safety of heme, Impossible Burger's "magic" ingredient, until this month. Environmental activists have also taken issue with the burger because it is made using GMOs. But the science is clear: neither ingredient is unsafe to eat.
Apple's Lego augmented reality demo.

Apple takes augmented-reality gaming to the ‘next level’ with Lego and slingshot apps

Apple hopes to take augmented-reality gaming to the 'next level' with multiplayer apps. At WWDC, the company showcased Lego and slingshot games, built using its new and improved AR building software ARKit 2.
Venture-capital value (bars) and number of deals (line) in 2016 in various metropolitan areas.

Amazon’s HQ2 competition is pushing ‘loser’ cities to become the next Silicon Valley — but some experts say it’s a dange...

Several cities that didn't make the cut for Amazon's second headquarters are aiming to become the next big tech hub, based on Amazon's criticism in postmortem calls. But some urban-planning experts say that it can be a big gamble to take Amazon's advice.