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Eventbrite prices its IPO at $23 a share

Ticketing and event management company Eventbrite prices its IPO at $23 a share, raising $230 million.

A venture capitalist and former Obama official are giving startups $30 million to fix a ‘crisis’ in our food system — and you can ap...

FoodShot Global is a new fund for researchers and startups solving problems in food and agriculture that stem from soil degradation. Venture capitalist Victor Friedberg, former Obama-administration official Sara Eckhouse, and former Rabobank North America CEO Rajiv Singh will lead the fund.

Here’s what could happen to all the Bird and Lime scooters when Hurricane Florence hits

The popular e-scooters will be pulled off the streets before the storm pummels the east coast, according to several companies.
MEP Axel Voss celebrates after the vote on new digital copyright laws.

The EU has backed tough new laws to enforce copyright online

The European Parliament has backed legislation that would support much tougher laws on copyright online. The laws are an updated version of legislation that was rejected in July, and which was widely criticised for being too sweeping.

Some of Silicon Valley’s leading startups making meat from cells are abandoning the term ‘clean meat’ — here’s what to c...

Instead of using the label "clean meat," CEOs of several startups have opted for other language. The move is aimed at making it easier to collaborate with traditional meat companies and to more accurately represent real meat that's made from cells.

GOLDMAN SACHS: Chinese tech giants are dominating North America in VC funding for the first time, and it could be the start of an unprecedented boom

Chinese companies outpaced their American rivals in funding startups for the first time even as the country’s economy shows signs of slowing down.
Traders work near the end of the day on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in New York

Stocks fall as tech takes a beating

Stocks were mostly lower Wednesday, with the Nasdaq Composite dropping more than 1%, as Congress questioned executives from Twitter and Facebook. The dollar fell, and Treasury yields remained largely unchanged.

The Senate is tearing into Google for refusing to send a top exec to testify — and even left an empty chair and name tag to highlight its disple...

"Given its size and influence, I would have thought the leadership at Google would want to demonstrate how seriously it takes these challenges and to lead this important public discussion," Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia said.
There are ten times more mentally ill people in prisons than in psychiatric hospitals in the US.

Dallas is saving $30 million by cutting down on the number of mentally ill people in prison

By cutting back on treatment costs and the likelihood that prisoners will return to jail, HarrisLogic has saved Dallas County $30 million over the course of four years. The company's analytics can predict who will return to prison within six months with a high degree of accuracy.
A gamer plays online games at an internet cafe in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China.

Chinese video-streaming stocks are going nuts

Shares of three Chinese video-streaming stocks traded in US market are surging on Monday.