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Bitcoin is dropping fast as speculators cash out after its recent spike

Bitcoin is down more than 8% as speculators take profits following the cryptocurrency's sharp rise this month.

Amazon’s Deliveroo investment is a bad sign for Uber — shares of an Uber Eats rival are tanking

Amazon led a $575 million financing round into Deliveroo, Uber Eats' arch rival in the UK, and Just Eat's stock is falling.
Teens would rather text than talk to their friends.

Teens are using burner phones to hide what they do on the internet from their parents

Kids are getting phones from friends and online in an attempt to keep in contact with friends without their parents knowing.

Here are 5 theories for the Bitcoin price spike

Bitcoin spiked to $7,500 on Sunday. The trade war, institutional interest, an exodus from altcoins, Bitfinex, and Binance could all be responsible.

Here’s who’s getting rich on Uber’s massive IPO

These are Uber's biggest shareholders who should see their stakes be worth, collectively, many billions of dollars if the IPO does well.

Uber boasts that it awarded $40,000 to any driver who made 40,000 trips. Almost no one would have made the cut.

Uber pledged to pay $40,000 to drivers who completed 40,000 trips, a target the average Uber driver would need 25 years to reach.
San Francisco pays Uber drivers the most.

15 cities where Uber and Lyft drivers make the most money

Uber and Lyft drivers earn the most monthly revenue in San Francisco, New York City, and San Jose, JPMorgan Chase finds.

There’s a hidden gem in Apple’s earnings — and it isn’t its services

iPad sales grew 22% last quarter, the fastest pace in six years, while iPhone and Mac sales fell.

Elon Musk loves to make grandiose promises. Here are 8 he failed to deliver on.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has promised everything from profitability and delivery targets to his shareholders, customers, and employees over the years.

Uber is paying drivers up to $40,000 each to celebrate its IPO

Uber plans to pay out around $3 million to more than 1.1 million drivers ahead of its initial public offering.