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New York is doing just fine ... or is it?

The author of Bill Gates’ favorite book suggests 9 big reasons the world is getting better

In a new TED Talk, Harvard professor Steven Pinker analyzes encouraging data on homicide, war, poverty, pollution, and more. Bill Gates has called Pinker's latest work, "Enlightenment Now," his "favorite book of all time."

Happiness is overrated — finding deep meaning in life comes down to 4 ‘pillars’

Journalist and author Emily Esfahani Smith doesn't care so much about happiness — rather, the pursuit of meaning and fulfillment.

The 3 exercises ‘4-hour Workweek’ author Tim Ferriss used to prepare for his viral TED Talk work for everything from a presentation to a t...

Tim Ferriss explains why the only way to achieve at your full potential, you need to have "comfort with discomfort."