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Hayden Montross runs through the advantages of dating a bald girl.

Meet the teen with alopecia who makes TikToks that show the advantages of dating someone with no hair

Hayden Montross, who has 147,000 TikTok followers, ran through the advantages of dating a bald girl in a candid, comedic video.

8 subtle ways Amazon is targeting teenagers and turning them into loyal Prime members

Teenagers may be tempted to join Amazon Prime for the fast shipping, student discounts, and deals on textbooks.
Four black teens say they were held at gunpoint by a white homeowner while they were knocking on doors for a football fundraiser.

4 black teens going door-to-door for a fundraiser say a white woman held them at gunpoint and threatened to shoot

The woman has been charged with four counts each of false imprisonment, aggravated assault, and endangering the welfare of a minor.
The author is not pictured.

The 5 money lessons I taught my teenage daughter that helped her save $10,000

I didn't want my teenage daughter to make the same money mistakes I did, and in just two summers, she's been able to save enough to buy herself a car.

9 ways to make money as a teenager, from summer jobs to online work

Learn how to make money as a teenager: take a summer job, sell on Etsy or Depop, work as a freelancer, mow lawns, detail cars and more.

Italy wants to treat phone addicts like drug addicts and send teens to rehab

The bill proposes courses in schools and a public awareness campaign, plus "re-education" in health centers for worst-case scenarios.
People may combine these two drugs for a heightened hallucinogenic effect.

A London teenager died after overdosing on ‘Calvin Klein,’ a party drug that’s a lethal mix of ketamine and cocaine

Katya Tsukanova, a talented violinist, collapsed and died on June 18 after taking the drug cocktail, which can seriously damage brain functioning.
Chick-fil-A is American teenagers' favorite restaurant chain.

Chick-fil-A leads the pack as teens’ favorite restaurant chain in America

Chick-fil-A is keeping its crown as teenagers' favorite restaurant chain, according to Piper Jaffray's latest survey.

10 teenagers who are probably making more money than you

You don't need to be an "adult" to turn a profit — some teens are already building and running their own businesses and making money.
Teenage girls are spending more time on housework than boys.

Teenage girls spend much more time on housework than boys the same age, study shows

Pew Research Center's findings show that, on average, girls spend 38 minutes a day on housework, while boys dedicate 24 minutes to the same task.