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Board games for kids are a great alternative to screen time, bringing families together and teaching important skills.

The best board games for kids of all ages

Board games are great for limiting screen time. These are the best board games for kids of all ages that the whole family will love.
Steve Jobs did not let his children play with the iPad he helped create.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their kids with limited tech — and it should have been a red flag about our own smartphone use

The attitudes of Silicon Valley's power players to how their kids interact with tech suggest smartphone use should've been regulated a decade ago.
Under-16s will soon lose access to TikTok's private messaging.

TikTok will block under-16s from using DMs at the end of April

Critics say the move will be ineffective, as TikTok will take users' word that they're giving their correct date of birth when they set up an account.

Teen spending slumps to the lowest level since 2011 as coronavirus worries even the youngest consumers

One teen wrote in, "Restaurants are closing, I lost my job due to it," on Piper Sandler's spring teen survey.

Teens give us their best advice on using social media to date while in quarantine

Even if your average teenager isn't a major social media influencer, they may know a thing or two about using social media than the average adult.

9 slang words teens and Gen Zers are using in 2020 — and their boomer equivalents

Before Gen Zers were talking about "fire fits," boomers were complimenting people's "groovy threads."
Aaron Rodgers, left, and Callie Kessler, right.

Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick sent an 18-year-old 400 ice pops after she professed her love for him in a viral video. The teen says she’s ...

Callie Kessler went viral after she said quarterback Aaron Rodgers would send her "400 ice pops" while under the effects of anesthesia.

8 famous companies that were started by teenagers

Mark Zuckerberg was just 19 when he created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room. His company isn't the only one started by a teenager.
These are the terms and slang words Gen Z-ers can't stop using.

21 slang words teens and Gen Zers are using in 2020, and what they mean

If you've ever found yourself wondering what the true meanings of "periodt," "snatched," and "big yikes" are — then this is for you.
Mollie O'Brien got a harmonica stuck in her mouth.

A TikToker had to go to hospital after getting a harmonica stuck in her mouth, and it made a noise every time she breathed

Mollie O'Brien took a video when she realized the harmonica she shoved in her mouth had gotten stuck.