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Bubble tea.

A teenage girl thought she had a typical stomach ache, but doctors found 100 undigested bubble tea balls in her system

A 14-year-old girl from China was taken to a hospital where she told doctors she had been constipated for five days and had little appetite.
A deadly combo.

A 16-year-old was pulled over for driving 105 mph. His excuse was ‘too many hot wings.’

When police asked the 16-year-old why he was speeding, he offered a simple explanation: "Too many hot wings and needed a bathroom."
The teens are being hailed as heroes.

4 teens ran into a burning home to save their 90-year-old neighbor’s life

Catherine Ritchie was getting ready for bed when her bed caught aflame. Luckily, four teens sprung into action and rescued her.
Not exactly good enough to eat.

A Texas family says their daughter’s graduation party was ruined by an inedible Styrofoam cake from Walmart

Marcy Flores said her daughter's high school graduation party was ruined because Walmart gave her a cake made out of Styrofoam.
The promposal.

Students will reportedly face ‘severe consequences’ for a racist promposal sign

A promposal from Palos Verdes High School in California has gone viral because it is racist. The principal said he is looking into the situation.
Teens would rather text than talk to their friends.

Teens are using burner phones to hide what they do on the internet from their parents

Kids are getting phones from friends and online in an attempt to keep in contact with friends without their parents knowing.
Shaquille O'Neal, who wears size 22 shoes, met 13-year-old Zach Keith at Friedman’s Shoes in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shaq bought a teen with size-18 feet 10 pairs of new shoes after learning his mother couldn’t afford them

Shaquille O'Neal, who wears size-22 shoes, met 13-year-old Zach Keith at Friedman's Shoes in Atlanta, Georgia.
Jaylon McKenzie was a rising football star who had played for the NFL's 8th Grade All-American Game in Canton, Ohio, in August.

14-year-old star football player with NFL ambitions shot and killed at party

McKenzie dreamed of playing for the NFL. On Saturday, the boy from Illinois was shot dead.

A 16-year-old boy died on a hike after a Boy Scout group ran out of water, authorities say

Authorities are investigating the death of a 16-year-old boy who died while hiking with a Boy Scout group in Arizona.
Norwin High School

A high school forbade girls from wearing pants to their graduation ceremony. One senior changed that.

Hannah Kozak, an 18-year-old senior at Norwin High school in Pennsylvania, thought it was unfair that girls couldn't wear pants to graduation.