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Tencent announces a restructuring as challenges rise

Tencent's prospects are in question after years of spectacular growth.
FILE PHOTO: Tencent's booth is pictured at the GMIC in Beijing

Stocks get whacked after Tencent’s rare profit decline raises growth concerns

Stocks fell Wednesday after a Chinese technology giant Tencent reported a rare profit decline. Technology and energy companies took the biggest hits following the disappointing earnings report, which stoked fears of slowing growth. The dollar rose, and Treasury yields fell.

People in China can now file for divorce on the WeChat instant messaging app

China's most popular instant messaging app is trialling a feature in the province of Guangdong which lets couples kickstart divorce proceedings on their phones, without leaving the app.

The company behind the biggest game of 2017 is suing the company behind the biggest game of 2018 — here’s what’s going on

Bluehole, the South Korean company behind "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," is suing Epic Games, the American company behind "Fortnite." The claim: copyright infringement.

Tencent’s business is about as big as Facebook’s thanks to its stronghold in China

Tencent’s social media platforms are to China as Facebook’s are to the rest of the world and yet the companies are similar in their financial outputs.

The most downloaded iPhone app in the world right now is one you’ve probably never heard of

Facebook-owned apps dominated the App Store charts during the first three months of the year, but a Chinese-made music video app called Tik Tok took first place with an estimated 45 million downloads.

China’s Meituan to buy large stake in Mobike: Caixin

Meituan-Dianping, i...

Baidu is gaining ground after topping estimates and revealing plans for a US IPO of its Netflix-like platform

Baidu reported quarterly earnings that beat Wall Street expectations while unveiling a plan to list its Netflix-like video platform on a US exchange.