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One of China's most popular games, "Honor of Kings."

China hasn’t approved a single new video game for sale in 9 months, and that freeze could continue into 2019

China hasn't approved any new games for release since March and its new ethics committee just denied every game in its first batch of reviews.
Chinese video game publisher Tencent said young players are using photos of sleeping relatives to try to circumvent the company's new age verification process.

Kids in China are trying every trick in the book to beat the facial recognition software that puts a mandatory time limit on popular video games

Tencent, China's biggest video game publisher, is using facial recognition to put age restrictions on its most popular games.

‘Fortnite”s biggest competitor was just named Best Game of 2018 on Google Play

"PUBG Mobile" helped spark the rise of battle-royale shooters, and has been downloaded more than 200 million times.
China is the world's largest video game market and Tencent is the world's largest video game publisher.

Tencent’s profit spikes as its core gaming business shows signs of slowing down

Chinese tech giant Tencent on Wednesday posted better-than-expected third-quarter earnings, but its core gaming business showed signs of slowing down.
China is the world's largest video game market and Tencent is the world's largest video game publisher.

Video game addiction has sparked a culture war in China — and it’s having huge repercussions for the world’s biggest video game make...

Tencent will implement mandatory time limits and identity verification for all Chinese players using the national citizen database.
N26 cofounder and CEO Valentin Stalf.

A Peter Thiel-backed fintech that aims to be ‘a mixture of Venmo, Zelle, Mint and Chase’ is launching next year in the US

A so-called challenger bank, N26 doesn't operate brick-and-mortar branches because its customers "prefer to minimize interactions with their banks.
"Honor of Kings" is China's most popular video game, earning more than $100 million a month.

China is cracking down on new video games entering the country and it’s costing publishing giants billions in profit

The world's biggest market for video games has greatly restricted the release of new games in the country during 2018, leading to billions in lost revenue for their creators

Tencent announces a restructuring as challenges rise

Tencent's prospects are in question after years of spectacular growth.
FILE PHOTO: Tencent's booth is pictured at the GMIC in Beijing

Stocks get whacked after Tencent’s rare profit decline raises growth concerns

Stocks fell Wednesday after a Chinese technology giant Tencent reported a rare profit decline. Technology and energy companies took the biggest hits following the disappointing earnings report, which stoked fears of slowing growth. The dollar rose, and Treasury yields fell.

People in China can now file for divorce on the WeChat instant messaging app

China's most popular instant messaging app is trialling a feature in the province of Guangdong which lets couples kickstart divorce proceedings on their phones, without leaving the app.