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San Francisco residents bought boulders to deter homeless people on their block. The city says the rocks weren’t big enough.

San Francisco residents placed boulders in an alley to prevent homeless encampments. The rocks have been removed after neighbors got death threats.
A 63-year-old sound engineer living in Berkeley's tent city in May 2019.

San Francisco’s homelessness crisis has gotten so bad, residents are putting boulders on the streets to stop people from sleeping there

This isn't the first time boulders have been used to block homeless encampments in San Francisco, where the homeless population is nearing 10,000.
Migrant children are being held in a tent city in Texas near the US-Mexico border.

Top Trump officials reportedly discussed whether the US military could build and run ‘tent city’ detention camps for migrants

It's the latest in a series of legally dubious efforts the Trump administration has floated in recent weeks amid a surge of migrants at the border.

The Trump administration has chosen a site in the Texas desert to establish a ‘tent city’ to house migrant children

The Trump administration has reportedly selected a site in the Texas desert to erect a "tent city" shelter that will house hundreds of migrant children at a time, in an effort to accommodate the influx of children in government custody, who in some cases have been separated from their parents.

The Trump administration is reportedly considering housing migrant children in ‘tent cities’ near the border

The Trump administration is reportedly considering housing migrant children in "tent cities" near the border. The amount of migrant children in custody has surged recently — some arrived at the border unaccompanied and others were separated from their parents under the new "zero-tolerance" policy.