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US-based companies took the top four spots.

The 10 largest grocery chains in the world by sales

Walmart, Costco, 7-Eleven, and Kroger top Edge by Ascential's list of the biggest global grocery brands, by net sales.

Slack is now bigger than Deutsche Bank. Here are 8 other companies that also eclipsed the once giant German lender.

After the company's week from hell, and months of share declines, these companies now have a larger market capitalization.
Louis Vuitton's executive team is one of the best in the business.

These European companies have the best executive teams, according to 1,900 analysts and fund managers

Institutional Investor ranked the continent's best CEOs, CFOs, and investor relations professionals across 31 industries.
Don't eat them all at once.

Say goodbye to tea and carrots: 80% of British food is imported so there will be food shortages if there’s a no-deal Brexit, HSBC tells clients

"As the supply chain is finely balanced, any slowdown would lead to shortages of lorries, drivers and food."
An unusual display at a Gristedes grocery store in New York city.

We compared grocery shopping at stores in the US and the UK, and it was shockingly clear which country does it better

We compared two neighborhood stores in London and New York City to see how the shopping experience differed. We found a big difference in price, quality, and variety.
A box of own-label cereal sold for under $1 in Tesco in the UK.

The US is way behind the UK when it comes to grocery shopping

Grocery shopping in the US is expensive, and it's because we're brand-obsessed.
A man cleans the window of a shop advertising a "closing down sale" in central London.

A terrible Christmas for retailers could be disastrous for the UK’s economic growth

Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser on Thursday became the latest retailers to report disappointing sales over Christmas.
Royally approved.

The Queen gives a Tesco Christmas pudding to every member of her staff each year

Staff at Buckingham Palace each receive the sweet treat from Her Majesty, accompanied by a Christmas card.
Former Tesco executive Carl Rogberg arrives at Southwark Crown Court in London, Britain September 26, 2017.

‘We need to start doing things in a different way’: Tesco executives discussed the need for ‘cultural change’ months before &#...

An email sent to Rogberg nearly a year before the scandal broke suggested the firm needed 'cultural change about doing the right thing.'
Former Tesco executive Carl Rogberg arrives at Southwark Crown Court in London, Britain September 26, 2017.

‘Like the civil service of a medium-sized country’: Tesco’s huge management team made it hard to detect financial trouble, lawyers s...

Rogberg is one of three former Tesco executives standing trial for fraud in relation to their alleged involvement in overstating the firm's profits.