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Tesla’s stock could drop another 27% after Wednesday’s sell-off: JPMorgan

JPMorgan says Tesla's stock price could sink another 27% after Wednesday's sell-off, thanks to softening demand.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Elon Musk revealed that he’s approved the Model Y SUV prototype for production — but it’s not the upcoming Tesla vehicle he’s ...

On Tesla's Q3 earnings call, Elon Musk said the Model Y would begin volume production in 2020 and that he's most excited about its coming pickup truck.

Elon Musk says Tesla’s plan to not raise more cash ‘may change’

Elon Musk appeared to soften his previous tone regarding tapping fresh capital on Tesla’s third-quarter earnings conference call Wednesday evening.
Elon Musk announces a Tesla project in Australia in September 2017.

Tesla reports surprise profit in ‘truly historic’ quarter

Tesla's all-hands-on-deck rush to finish the quarter strong and "abnormally high" Model 3 pricing could drive a temporary profit, one bearish analyst told clients ahead of the earnings report.

Elon Musk said Tesla stopped selling ‘full self-driving’ hardware online because customers were confused

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Wednesday that Tesla stopped selling self-driving hardware on its website because customers were confused. Last week, Musk said the option would be available "off menu" for a week, but on Wednesday suggested the feature would remain available to those who asked for it.
Tesla's Fremont, California, factory.

Tesla made 5,300 Model 3s during the last week of Q3 — but it said it would make 6,000 weekly by the end of August

Tesla made 5,300 Model 3 sedans during the final week of the third quarter, less than the weekly goal of 6,000 it had set for the end of August. The automaker did not say if it had achieved that rate of production at any point during the third quarter.
Tesla Model 3.

Tesla’s car deposits decreased during the third quarter, even though it posted a surprise profit

Tesla said vehicle deposits decreased slightly during the third quarter to $906 million. Despite the decrease in deposits, Tesla beat Wall Street expectations by posting adjusted earnings of $2.90 per share on $6.8 billion in revenue.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk must pay a $20 million fine and step down as chairman of Tesla.

Tesla said it expects tariffs on Chinese parts to cost around $50 million during Q4

Tesla said on Wednesday that it expects tariffs on parts made in China to cost around $50 million during the fourth quarter of this year. The automaker said it expects gross margins on its Model S sedan and Model X SUV to fall slightly and gross margins for the Model 3 to remain stable during Q4.
The Fremont, California, factory where Tesla produces its vehicles.

Tesla will start making cars at its upcoming factory in China faster than expected

Tesla said on Wednesday that it will accelerate its production timeline at its upcoming factory in Shanghai. The automaker said it plans to begin parts of Model 3 production at the Shanghai factory in 2019, though it did not specify when in 2019 production would begin.

Investors are ratcheting up their bets against Tesla ahead of its earnings report

Andrew Left, a notorious short seller, reversed course on his earlier attacks this week, saying his firm Citron Research is now long Tesla.