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Tesla just launched the Model Y — here’s why it’s the company’s most important car

The Tesla Model Y is a crossover SUV, and that's the hottest segment in the car business these days.
Musk reveals the Model Y.

Elon Musk just revealed the Tesla Model Y — and he’s still the greatest car salesman who ever lived

Musk was at his best during the unveiling — in full-on salesman mode, both for the vehicle and for Tesla's vision.
Elon Musk at the unveiling of Tesla's new Roadster.

Tesla’s biggest problem isn’t Elon Musk’s Twitter — it’s a lack of real news

Tesla is a small carmaker and can't generate a lot of news from its actual business — and that means an excessive focus on the thoughts of Musk.

Tesla could go bankrupt and Elon Musk could run afoul of the SEC and it wouldn’t matter — because owners love the cars

The level of owner love for Tesla is among the highest in the auto industry.Tesla has achieved this by spending essentially nothing on advertising.
An enormous Tesla pickup concept at the Semi reveal.

Tesla needs to expedite its plans for an electric pickup truck before it loses a key advantage

The auto and and tech industries are getting serious about electric pickup trucks. Last week, Amazon led an investment of $700 million in Rivian.
Honda can reveal cars with drama, too.

Everyone who thinks Tesla is a tech company is completely wrong — Tesla should aspire to be Honda

Tesla's other lines of business — solar, batteries — suggest an affinity with a wildly successful carmaker that also manufacturers other stuff: Honda.
The Tesla Model 3.

Tesla has booked two straight quarters of profits — here are the 5 biggest takeaways from that achievement

Tesla has now changed things for Wall Street, for its competition, and for customers.
Not quite fully autonomous, but getting there.

I’ve driven every Tesla model you can buy. These are my absolute favorite features.

Over the years, I've driven every model Tesla has ever produced. They've all been good, but features of individual models have stood out.
Elon Musk said Model S and Model X owners will be able to use their phones as keys.

Elon Musk should be able to fly his jet anywhere he wants

Neither SpaceX nor Tesla has expressed any reservations about Musk's travel.