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Professionals burn a Tesla to demonstrate how to put out a high voltage battery vehicle fire.

Tesla is facing scrutiny for its cars catching on fire, but electric cars could actually end up being safer than gas-powered cars

Several Tesla vehicles have caught fire recently, spurring concerns that the cars and their batteries are hazardous.
Who is that guy?

It’s time for Tesla to go into stealth mode for the rest of 2019

If you think Tesla and CEO Elon Musk can't keep quiet, think again: the company's new self-driving chip was developed in near-total secrecy.

Elon Musk is grimacing all the way to the bank as Tesla finally raises more money

Tesla's capital raise will intensify Elon Musk's pivoting of Tesla from an electric car company to a robotaxi service. But is that exciting enough for him?

Tesla is finally raising capital — and it’s about time

Tesla telegraphed the raise after it reported disappointing first-quarter earnings — and investors might wonder why the company has held out so long.
The Model Y.

The criticism around Tesla selling emission credits proves that analysts don’t understand the company’s business

The complaints demonstrate a worrying trend of analysts ignoring the realities of Tesla's business.
The Tesla Model Y.

Tesla needs to hire someone to build the Model 3 so it can focus on the Model Y

Sending Tesla Model 3 production to Europe and hiring a contractor could solve Tesla's logistics problems and free up US capacity for Model Y.
The Tesla Model 3.

Extreme opinions about Tesla are completely wrong — here’s why

A rational middle ground is hard to hold. But Tesla moderates can take solace in the probability that the extremists are wrong.
Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes.

Tesla isn’t the next Theranos — here are 10 reasons why

OPINION: The Tesla-Theranos comparison, like the Tesla-Enron comparison, makes for fiery debates, but the comparison falls apart on closer scrutiny.
Love the chaos!

Tesla and Trump both thrive on chaos — but Elon Musk’s car company needs to chill out if it’s going to succeed

Trump is never going to change, but CEO Elon Musk has a chance this year to reset Tesla's paradigm.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Despite a bad quarter, Tesla is single-handedly growing the sluggish electric-car market

Tesla's growth, especially in the US, has been spectacular given that there's been almost no change to automaker market share for a decade.