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Russian bots reportedly pushed a Thanksgiving food poisoning hoax on Twitter as practice for influencing the 2016 election

The bots claimed there was a huge outbreak of food poisoning on Thanksgiving — the problem was, no such outbreak was registered by health officials.

Smartphones are killing Black Friday

Black Friday is no longer just a day — it's a whole season.

Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for plumbers — but not for the reason you think

Calls for plumbing services increase by up to 50% on Black Friday compared to a normal Friday, leading plumbers to refer to it as Brown Friday.

We went to Walmart for Black Friday — and it was nothing like we expected

We visited a Walmart store in Dublin, Georgia, on Thursday at the start of the retailer's doorbuster sales, and we expected to find chaos.

A nutritionist reveals how to make your Thanksgiving meal healthier without sacrificing the good stuff

Thanksgiving is packed with ways to eat healthy without sacrificing great tastes. Here's how to navigate the holiday, according to a nutrition professor.

See how members of the US military celebrate Thanksgiving in warzones

Being deployed to a warzone is no excuse for missing out on Thanksgiving celebrations.

The most Googled Thanksgiving recipe in every state

People from Louisiana are Googling yams, while those from Iowa are searching for corn casserole.

Trump goes golfing after White House demands correction touting full day of ‘meetings and phone calls’

President Donald Trump began golfing on Wednesday just an hour after his press aide told reporters he had a "full schedule of meetings and phone calls."

11 insider facts most Black Friday workers know — and you probably don’t

To unearth the lesser-known facts about Black Friday, Business Insider surveyed more than 40 retail workers.