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The March cover of The Atlantic magazine.

‘IMPEACH’: The Atlantic’s March cover makes the case for Trump’s impeachment

The Atlantic magazine's March issue cover simply reads, "IMPEACH: It's time for Congress to judge the president's fitness to serve."
Can tying chores to money be teaching kids to be entitled? One sociologist says yes.

Paying kids for doing chores could teach them to be entitled rather than helpful, says a professor who studies wealth inequality

Allowances are characteristic of American upper-middle-class families, experts say, and it could be teaching them entitlement.

Online dating has had a side effect no one saw coming

Dating apps haven't ruined happy marriages or our ability to commit — but experts say they may make it easier to leave an unfulfilling relationship.
Consider it the organization-wide version of "eating the frog."

People at Alphabet’s ‘moonshot’ lab have a saying about productivity: #MonkeyFirst — here’s what it means

One of X's guiding principles is to tackle the hardest part of a project first, so they know if it's worth pursuing at all.

Laurene Powell Jobs is taking majority ownership of The Atlantic

Media group Emerson Collective announces its majority ownership of The Atlantic.