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Pam (left) and Angela (right) actors Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are starting a podcast.

Attention fans of ‘The Office’ — Pam and Angela are starting their own podcast about the show

"We'll have behind the scenes stories of The Office and lots of us just being bffs too!" Angela Kinsey wrote about the "Office Ladies" podcast.
"The Office" is leaving Netflix for a new streaming service in 2021.

‘The Office’ is leaving Netflix in 2021. Here are 10 comedies to stream once it’s gone.

To prepare for when the TV show eventually leaves the streaming platform, INSIDER rounded up sitcoms on Netflix that fans of "The Office" might love.
"The Office"

10 popular TV shows that could be in danger of leaving Netflix, including ‘The Office’

"The Office," one of Netflix's most popular TV shows, is leaving the service in 2021. Could more fan favorites also be in danger?

NBC sitcom ‘The Good Place’ to end after fourth season creator Michael Schur announced

"We ask the question very frequently, on this show what do we owe to each other?" Schur wrote. "The answer, for me, is: I owe all of you a whole lot."
Penny and Leonard were married for the first time on the season nine premiere of "The Big Bang Theory."

8 of your favorite TV show couples who eloped

From "The Big Bang Theory" to "Friends," here are several times TV characters opted to forego the big traditional ceremony for a last-minute wedding.
"Nailed It!" is hosted by Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres.

3 great TV shows to watch on Netflix this week

This week, INSIDER recommends watching the new season of baking competition series "Nailed It!," dystopian show "Black Mirror," and "The Office."
"The Office" is one of the most-beloved shows of all time.

The 20 best episodes of ‘The Office,’ ranked

"The Office" is one of the most popular shows of all time and everyone has a favorite episode. We broke down the most popular episodes of all time.
Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer formed a real-life friendship while starring on NBC's "The Office."

Angela Kinsey opens up about her relationship with ‘Office’ costar Jenna Fischer: ‘We didn’t expect to make such a close frien...

Angela Kinsey told INSIDER that while their "Office" characters weren't best friends, the two stars got to know each other well while working together for 10 years.
Dwight screaming on "The Office."

Fans are freaking out over news that ‘The Office’ may leave Netflix, but we’re still years out from that happening

Fans freaked out over the news that the iconic NBC sitcom may leave the streaming service, but it will be available through 2021.
"The Office"

NBC has reportedly discussed pulling ‘The Office’ from Netflix to fuel its own streaming service

As more companies enter the streaming game, Netflix's catalog of licensed content, including NBC's "The Office," could disappear.