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Streisand lived in the NYC apartment for nearly 40 years.

The NYC penthouse that Barbra Streisand lived in for nearly 40 years is on the market for $11.25 million — here’s a look inside

Barbra Streisand's former NYC penthouse comes with wood-burning fireplaces, a corner library, and a $12,000 monthly maintenance bill.

We tried kava — the national drink of Fiji that gets people high

While in Fiji, we drank a traditional brew known as kava. It's rumored to get you high and even cause hallucinations.

Mt. Everest is not the hardest mountain to climb — here’s what makes K2 so much worse

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The science of why you should add water to your whiskey

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Why you can’t fly a plane to space

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How 46-year-old WWE superstar Chris Jericho stays in amazing shape

WWE legend and Fozzy lead singer Chris Jericho reveals how he stays in shape at age 46.

An exercise physiologist reveals the mistake many runners make — and it has nothing to do with legs or feet

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Incredible footage from space shows massive lightning storms in Hurricane Irma

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