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UK Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay.

Theresa May’s government is using ‘blanket secrecy’ to hide its no-deal Brexit plans

Details of over 320 Brexit "workstreams" that are preparing the UK for leaving the EU are still a secret despite Brexit being just weeks away.
What is the Brexit deal and what does it mean?

Here are the answers to every Brexit question you were too afraid to ask.

What is Brexit and what does it mean for the United Kingdom, Europe and the world?
Theresa May's Brexit plans rejected by MPs

Theresa May suffers new Brexit defeat after Conservative MPs abandon their support for her plan B

The prime minister was defeated in the House of Commons after Conservative MPs abstained on a key vote on her Brexit plans.

British Prime Minister Theresa May reportedly said she scrapes the mold off of jam instead of throwing it away

Theresa May owns more than 150 cookbooks, so maybe she knows what she's doing.

Theresa May’s chief negotiator overheard in hotel bar admitting she will delay Brexit if MPs reject her deal

The UK's chief Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins effectively rules out a no-deal Brexit.

Theresa May’s demands to renegotiate Brexit deal rejected by EU

The European Union has rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's demand to reopen the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement but has agreed to hold further talks.
Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn backs a soft Brexit and dashes hopes of a second referendum

The Labour leader enrages second referendum campaigners after writing to Theresa May and offering to back a softer Brexit deal.

Theresa May promises not to let Northern Ireland down as Brexit backstop talks flounder

The prime minister will give a speech in Northern Ireland on Tuesday urging communities there not to worry about the state of Brexit talks.
Theresa May is going back to Brussels.

Theresa May says she is ‘determined’ for Britain to leave the EU on time despite being sent back to Brussels to renegotiate her Brexit dea...

The Prime Minister wrote in the Telegraph that she would return to Brussels with a 'fresh mandate, new ideas, and a renewed determination.'

How People’s Vote campaigners believe a referendum on Brexit could still be won

Campaigners for a new Brexit referendum believe their long-term strategy will ultimately win the day.